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This video, titled "Shoko Kanazawa, a genius calligrapher with Down's Syndrome - Inori no Zouko -" (ダウン症の天才書家・金澤翔子 ー 祈りの造形 |, was produced by ""

In this video, you can see a calligraphy exhibition by Shoko Kanazawa, a calligrapher with Down syndrome, at the Ueno Royal Museum in September 2017.
Shoko Kanazawa began her calligraphy career at the age of five with her mother, a calligrapher, as her teacher.
At the age of 20, she made her debut as a calligrapher, and is now considered a genius calligrapher!
Check out the video to see the many wonderful works and thoughts of her mother.

Written By
Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
An Introduction to Shoko Kanazawa's Calligraphy Exhibition, Where She Shows off Her Bold Calligraphy! A Glimpse at the Works of the Genius Calligrapher With Down Syndrome!
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