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Video Introduction

This video, titled "Lake Nukabira in Hokkaido, a Treasure Trove of Ice Bubbles in Winter...." (北海道糠平湖、この冬アイスバブルの宝庫に...。), was uploaded by "Shinji Kawamura."

Lake Nukabira's Ice Bubbles

Image of ice bubbles at Lake Nukabira, Hokkaido
Photo:Ice bubbles at Lake Nukabira, Hokkaido

Lake Nukabira, located in Kamishihoro, Hokkaido, a town with great natural beauty in Northern Japan, is a man-made dammed lake completed in 1956. Around Lake Nukabira are the hot springs and ski slopes of Nukabira Gensenkyo.
These facilities, as well as smelt fishing on Lake Nukabira are also popular during the winter months, when the Lake Nukabira Ice Bubbles can be enjoyed.

The Lake Nukabira Ice Bubbles refer to the phenomenon in which gases generated by microorganisms decomposing plants, etc. that have sunk to the bottom of the lake are trapped in ice as the lake freezes. The sight of countless bubbles freezing like white jellyfish in the ice at various depths is nothing short of magical! It's an exceptional sight created by nature that looks great on Instagram. You can enjoy a fantastic sight of the Lake Nukabira Ice Bubbles throughout the video.
[Video] 0:25 - Lake Nukabira Ice Bubbles

When to See the Lake Nukabira Ice Bubbles

Image of ice bubbles at Lake Nukabira, Hokkaido
Photo:Ice bubbles at Lake Nukabira, Hokkaido

The ice bubbles can be seen from early January to late February, provided that snow is not covering the ice. Since the ice bubbles are often seen in years with little snowfall, if you want to see the ice bubbles at Lake Nukabira, we recommend checking the weather conditions and snowfall.
Since there are few places in Japan where you can see ice bubbles, seeing them at Lake Nukabira can be considered lucky.
For safer viewing, it's recommended that you join a tour organized by Higashitaisetsu Nature Guide Centre, which will take you to places where you can see the ice bubbles.

Sightseeing and Attractions at Lake Nukabira

Image of Taushubetsu Bridge, Hokkaido
Photo:Taushubetsu Bridge, Hokkaido

The video only shows beautiful images of Lake Nukabira's ice bubbles, but there are also various leisure and sightseeing spots around Lake Nukabira.
One of the most famous sights of Lake Nukabira is Taushubetsu Bridge. Taushubetsu Bridge is an arch-shaped bridge over which the old Japan National Railways Shihoro Line ran. The reflection of Taushubetsu Bridge on the lake is fantastic, and there are tours where visitors can see the bridge in all seasons.
In the video, you can see a series of arch bridges on a frozen Lake Nukabira.
[Video] 0:00 - Taushubetsu Bridge

In winter, you can enjoy Lake Nukabira's ice bubbles as well as the aforementioned smelt fishing, and in summer, you can enjoy fishing for different varieties of trout.
From the end of June to the end of September, the Lake Nukabira Campground, a place rich in nature, can be used! From the campground, visitors can also take a day trip to the Nukabira Gensenkyo.
The foot-pedaled trolley train, modeled after the tracks of the old Japanese National Railways, is also popular! Mori no Torokko Ecorail allows parents and children to enjoy a train trip in the great outdoors, which is approximately 1 km round trip. It also doesn't require any reservations!

Access to Lake Nukabira

・From Obihiro Station, 100 minutes by bus (20 minutes walking from Nukabira Gensenkyo Office)
・Approximately 77 minutes by car from Obihiro Station

Summary of Lake Nukabira's Ice Bubbles

Lake Nukabira, located near the center of Hokkaido, is a popular tourist spot where you can enjoy the magnificent nature of Japan throughout the year.
This article introduced information about when and under what conditions you can see the Lake Nukabira ice bubbles, as well as information about leisure and sightseeing activities to enjoy at Lake Nukabira.

Seeing the fantastic ice bubble of Lake Nukabira in winter will surely have you wanting to see it in person. Be sure to check weather conditions in advance so that you can visit and experience the natural beauty of Japan during winter.

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