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Autumn Leaves on Mt. Takao: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Autumn Leaves and Hiking on Mt. Takao|Travel|Sightseeing in Tokyo|Michelin Guide|Autumn Leaves in Japan|4K 2021" (4K 2021紅葉の秋の高尾山 TOKYO Autumn leaves of Mt. Takao 紅葉ハイキング 高尾山観光 旅行 Michelin Guides 東京観光 日本の紅葉 紅葉の名所), was uploaded by "Discover Nippon." Mt. Takao, a 599-meter-tall mountain in Hachioji, Tokyo, in Japan's Kanto region, is a national park that has received three stars in the Michelin Guide and is a tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy hiking. Mt. Fuji can be seen from the top of the mountain, and Takao Yakuoin Temple is crowded with many visitors.
[Video] 1:55 - Takao Yakuoin Temple Be sure to check out the video to see the autumn leaves of Mt. Takao

Hiking and Mountain Climbing – Recreational Activities on Mt. Takao

Image of autumn leaves on Mt. Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo
Photo:Autumn leaves on Mt. Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo

Mt. Takao, located in Hachioji, Tokyo, is 599 meters above sea level. As a relatively easy-to-climb low-lying mountain, it's gaining popularity as a mountain where hikers and climbers can enjoy casual hiking and mountain climbing. There are both full-scale mountain climbing courses and hiking courses that can be completed in casual clothing, making the mountain enjoyable for adults and children alike. From the observatory at the top of the mountain, visitors can view the symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Takao is also home to legends of tengu, Japanese goblins, that have been passed down for generations. Takao Yakuoin Temple, a Shingon sect temple located halfway up Mt. Takao, is said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. The main deity, Izuna Daigongen, a deity worshipped by Japanese warlords during the Warring States Period, is said to be accompanied by a tengu, and you can see statues of tengu in many places on Mt. Takao.
[Video] 2:00 - Takao Yakuoin Temple

Mt. Takao is also famous for its autumn leaves, which attract many tourists in the fall. Even though the mountain is not very tall, the temperature is lower than that of the ground, so be sure to dress warm when visiting.

When to View the Autumn Leaves on Mt. Takao

Image of the cable car on Mt. Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo
Photo:The cable car on Mt. Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo

Mt. Takao's annual autumn leaves are at their best from mid-November to early December.
The best places to view the autumn leaves on Mt. Takao are around Takao-yamaguchi Station, in front of Kiyotaki Station on the cable car, and halfway up the mountain on the cable car.

In addition, a festival to celebrate the autumn leaves is held every year from early November to coincide with the autumn foliage of Mt. Takao. On holidays, various events, such as demonstrations of Tokyo Kokeshi doll-making and masu-zake (sake served in small boxes) enliven the celebration of the autumn leaves. Be sure to check event schedules in advance, as they are subject to change.

Advanced Hiking Courses and Crowding Information on Mt. Takao

Image of autumn leaves on Mt. Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo
Photo:Autumn leaves on Mt. Takao, Hachioji, Tokyo

As Mt. Takao can be climbed by cable car or lift to the midpoint of the mountain, it attracts many visitors. It's said to be the most visited mountain in the world, with 3 million climbers per year. During the high season, particularly during the fall when hikers can view the autumn leaves, it's not unusual for visitors to have to wait up to an hour for the cable car. If you're planning on climbing or hiking Mt. Takao, we recommend checking the latest information regarding crowding conditions on social networking sites before visiting the mountain.
If you want to see the autumn leaves in a relaxed atmosphere, we recommend arriving at the mountain early in the morning. The cable cars start running at 8:00 a.m., and there are fewer people on the mountain first thing in the morning, making this the best time to arrive.

If you're a beginner, Mt. Takao can be ascended in about an hour by cable car, but there is also a course that can be enjoyed by advanced climbers. However, there is also a trail that advanced climbers can enjoy. This is the advanced course located at the branch leading to the southern trails 2 and 6. Compared to the gently paved beginners' trails, this trail is not paved and climbs along a mountain path that's too slippery for ordinary sports shoes. Therefore, trekking shoes or other mountaineering shoes are required for this trail. It's the most mountain trail-like course on Mt. Takao. Mt. Takao is truly a mountain that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced climbers alike, so if you're a nature lover, or just looking to enjoy some wonderful scenery, consider going for a hike up the mountain while appreciating the autumn leaves.

Summary of Autumn Leaves and Sightseeing on Mt. Takao

We've introduced Mt. Takao during the fall foliage season, but you can also enjoy Mt. Takao lit up in the summer. At Takao Yakuoin Temple, the statues at Niomon gate and the bronze statues of tengu are lit up with green and red lights. The nighttime scenery is completely different from that of the daytime, and will have you feeling as though you're in a scene from some mythological story.

Mt. Takao, a famous place for viewing the autumn leaves, can be reached in about an hour by train from Shinjuku Station in central Tokyo. There are parking lots in the area, but expect crowds during the fall when people come to view the autumn leaves. Be sure to check information in advance before visiting the mountain as well.
Mt. Takao is a great spot for climbing and hiking to view the autumn foliage. It'd be a shame to miss such beautiful scenery!

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