Japan's Popular 'Glamping'

Glamping has become increasingly popular in Japan since around 2020. When it comes to camping, there's a lot of preparation required; you prepare a tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, and other luggage, load them into a car, and head out to the location hoping you didn't forget anything. Cooking is also a popular activity enjoyed when camping, and is one of the best parts of the experience.

Glamping facilities, with their full range of services, are attracting attention from people who want to get away from their daily routine and enjoy nature, but want to do so in a more casual and luxurious way than camping.

Video Introduction

In this article, we'll introduce "Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi" (湯布院温泉郷グランピングCOMOREBI), a video uploaded by "COMOREBI Glamping" (COMOREBIグランピング).

Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi is a popular accommodation where visitors can enjoy nature while also receiving hotel-like hospitality. If you're looking to enjoy the famous hot springs of Oita, consider checking out Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi as well.

Glamping – A Luxurious Camping Experience

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Glamping, which has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years, is a combination of the words "glamorous" and "camping," which, as these words suggest, refers to a glamorous camping experience.
Glamping is truly a dream-like, luxury camping experience, where beds, bathrooms, and amenities are pre-prepared, and you can spend your time in luxury and comfort in the midst of Mother Nature's majestic beauty. Some glamping facilities offer cottages and trailer houses with showers, toilets, and even kitchens for outdoor cooking.

Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi

Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi, featured in the video, is one of the largest glamping spots in Japan's Kyushu region.
There are four types of tent styles offered at the campground: oval and dome tents, LOTUS BELLE tents, and "light boxes."

The private outdoor-dining spaces are air-conditioned and heated, with impressive Simmons beds and custom-made furniture. There are also tents with hammocks and pet tents exclusively for pets. Enjoy movies, music, or even yoga in the relaxing tents.
[Video] 0:34 - Inside the tents

Hot Springs and Delicious Meals at Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi

For dinner at Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi, you can enjoy French-style course meals supervised by Chef Isao Kuroiwa, who trained at a three-star European restaurant. For lunch, there is also a camp cooking plan that includes barbecue.

The mildly alkaline simple hot spring "Bijin-no-yu" (美人の湯, lit. "Spring of Beauty") is rich in moisturizing components, is effective at whitening and beautifying the skin, and features a high content of metasilicic acid.
[Video] 0:25 - Bijin-no-yu

Day Trips and Other Ways to Enjoy Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi

Enjoy doing yoga in the morning sun, enjoying a drink under the stars, or taking a nap in a hammock. Doing nothing and simply letting go while taking in the surrounding nature is another way to enjoy oneself.
Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi offers both overnight stays and inexpensive one-day plans, so be sure to take advantage of these as well.

Summary of Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi

Yufuin Onsen Glamping Comorebi, introduced in the video, is a great option for those looking to enjoy nature and outdoor cooking, but don't want to deal with the trouble of packing everything like you would for regular camping.... The appeal is that you don't need camping gear or even equipment for an overnight stay. Experience a new type of luxury camping where you can enjoy nature and receive resort hotel-like services!

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