Mobility Resort Motegi Camping Village: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Mobility Resort Motegi] Starry Sky Forest Camping Village|Lotus Tents Promo Video" (【モビリティリゾートもてぎ】森と星空のキャンプヴィレッジ ロータステントPV), was created by Mobility Resort Motegi (モビリティリゾートもてぎ).

Mobility Resort Motegi is located in Motegi, Tochigi, in Japan's Kanto region. It has a camping field called Starry Sky Forest Camping Village Mobility Resort Motegi next to a popular circuit where some of the world's top races are held.

What is Mobility Resort Motegi?

Image of Hello Woods, Mobility Resort Motegi
Photo:Hello Woods, Mobility Resort Motegi

Mobility Resort Motegi, formerly known as Twin Ring Motegi, is a theme park in Motegi, Tochigi where visitors can enjoy motor sports and the great outdoors. Mobility Resort Motegi, owned by Honda Mobilityland, changed its name in 2022 to coincide with the merger of Suzuka Circuitland Co., Ltd. And Twin Ring Motegi Co., Ltd.

Mobility Resort Motegi is a family-friendly theme park. In the park area, you can enjoy an adventure course and rides and explore nature in a forest. At Hello Woods, you can go for a ride on ziplines. There's also the Starry Sky Forest Camping Village where you can enjoy glamping (a fancy type of camping where gear is provided for you), BBQ, and relaxing hotels.
If you're a fan of motorsports, the Honda Collection Hall, with approximately 300 Honda automobiles and motorcycles on display, is a must-see attraction.
[Video] 0:13 - The Camping Area Surrounded by Nature Located Near the Circuit

Camping, Glamping, and Log Cabins! Outdoor Activities at Starry Sky Forest Camping Village

Image of camping

There are three ways to spend time with family and friends at Starry Sky Forest Camping Village at Mobility Resort Motegi:

Pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors with a relaxing fire.

A fancy camping experience for those looking to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of setting up and taking down tents.

・Log cabins
Enjoy the outdoors in any season thanks to the log cabins that even come with air conditioning.
[video] 0:36 - Glamping in Lotus Tents

Things to Do at Mobility Resort Motegi: Athletic Activities and More!

Image of an aerial view of Mobility Resort Motegi
Photo:An aerial view of Mobility Resort Motegi

Here, we'll introduce some popular activities at Mobility resort Motegi.

・Mega zipline: Wing
Enjoy a view of nature and the nearby race track from the sky with this 1,837 foot-long-zipline at Hello Woods.

・Forest Obstacle Course: DOKIDOKI
A huge, tree-climbing athletic facility that resembles an acorn tree. This popular activity features 39 difficulty levels, allowing everyone from elementary school students to adults to enjoy the challenge.

・Forest Labyrinth: ITADAKI
A three-dimensional maze themed on the ecosystem of the park's forests, where visitors collect stamps from 14 locations on their way to the top. The huge animals and plants are really impressive.

・Forest Family Walk: TEKUTEKU
Visitors can enjoy a game-like stroll through the Hello Woods' forest, while taking pictures, learning, and relaxing.

・Attractions Featuring Cars and Motorcycles
There are more than 10 attractions for people of all ages and experience levels. Visitors can drive a car with a driving school motif, as well as motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and even race cars.

In addition, there are many other original activities available only for a limited period of time to enjoy nature and activities limited to guests only. Please check the official website for more information!

Glamping at Mobility Resort Motegi: Rates, Meal Fees, Etc.

Image of a t-bone steak
Photo:A t-bone steak

Various glamping plans are available at Mobility Resort Motegi, including those that can be enjoyed in both rotary tents and bell tents, and which offer a full range facilities.

Plans include a half-board plan that includes a T-bone steak BBQ dinner and breakfast using fresh, local ingredients, a plan that includes a pass to the park, and an overnight plan that allows guests to bring their own food and cooking equipment and enjoy their stay how they please. We also recommend checking out their original accommodation plans, such as the Birthday Plan.

The price per "room" starts from 25,800 yen (~$182 USD) for an overnight stay in the lotus tents with no meals included.

How to Get to Mobility Resort Motegi (Motegi Circuit)

There are several ways to get to Mobility Resort Motegi, and here we'll list a few of them.

Mobility Resort Motegi From Tokyo Station (Shinkansen)
To get to Mobility Resort Motegi from Tokyo Station, take the shinkansen to Utsunomiya Station (50 mins) and then from Utsunomiya Station, take a bus (90 mins) or taxi (60 mins) to Mobility Resort Motegi.

Mobility Resort Motegi From Tokyo Station (Local Train)
From Tokyo Station, take the Limited Express train to Mito (80 mins) and then take a bus to Mobility Resort Motegi (90 mins).

Mobility Resort Motegi From Haneda Airport and Narita Airport
If you're wondering how to get to Mobility Resort Motegi from Haneda or Narita Airport, the easiest way is to first make your way to Tokyo Station and then use one of the two routes above.

Summary of Mobility Resort Motegi

Surrounded by a natural forest, Mobility Resort Motegi is the perfect place to get away from your hectic daily life. Mobility Resort Motegi also has great reviews, with many people saying that they were able to enjoy themselves all day without getting bored and wanting to visit again. Glamping is also a great option for those with small children.

If you're visiting the race track to enjoy some motorsports, consider staying at the nearby camping/glamping area and enjoying a night under the stars with some BBQ!

【Official Website】Mobility Resort Motegi

【TripAdvisor】Mobility Resort Motegi

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Glamping and Motorsports at Mobility Resort Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture! Enjoy an Adventurous Time Surrounded by Nature at the Former Twin Ring Motegi!
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