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An Introductory Video on Kano Shoujuan in Shiga Prefecture

This video, titled "Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato Tea Ceremony - Shiga - 叶匠寿庵 寿長生の郷," was released by "Tokyo Street View --Japan The Beautiful."
It introduces the popular tourist attraction Kanou Shoujuan (叶匠寿庵) in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, in Japan's Kansai region.

Kano Shoujuan is the perfect place to visit for those looking to try the finest tea and sweets that Japan has to offer.
Visit Kanou Shoujuan for spectacular views of Japan and to experience traditional Japanese culture.

Kano Shoujuan - A Japanese Sweets Shop That Has Been Loved In Japan For Many Years

Kanou Shoujuan is a famous Japanese sweets shop with stores in department stores across Japan.
Its head office is located in the suburbs of the Otsu area, south of Lake Biwa.
Camellias, cherry blossoms, and hydrangeas can be found blooming around Sunai no Sato, and trees such as oaks and chestnut trees are also grown to create a beautiful view.

In the plum grove on the grounds of Kanou Shoujuan, a plum festival is held in the spring when the weather is nice, and a plum picking event is held in the early summer when the plums bear fruit.
You can see the exterior of Kano Shoujuan from 0:37 in the video.

Beautiful Japanese Sweets Made in a Traditional Japanese Building

The building "Omukae-dokoro" on the grounds of Kanou Shoujuan is a quaint-looking Japanese building with a hearth inside to help visitors feel the traditional culture of Japan.
The Japanese confectionery workshop "Santokuen" is characterized by a traditional Sukiya-zukuri style architecture.
Many beautiful Japanese sweets are produced in a natural environment surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Kanou Shoujuan - Experience Traditional Japanese Culture

At Kanou Shoujuan you can experience the joy of making Japanese sweets and papermaking, through which you can feel the traditional culture of Japan.

In the tea room "Seikankyo," you can also experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony, one aspect of Japanese culture that dates back nearly a thousand years.
This can be seen from 3:21 in the video.
There are also limited time experience-based events, so we recommend checking out any information regarding these before deciding on your trip.

Gourmet Spots in Sunai no Sato!

Image of kaiseki cuisine
Photo:kaiseki cuisine

After enjoying a walk and experiences at "Kano Shoujuan," we recommend trying the beautiful, delicious kaiseki cuisine. At the restaurant "Sanju-tei," you can enjoy a blissful time with a meal that incorporates the seasonal flavors of Omi. We also recommend visiting "Irori Sabo" and trying the superb shaved ice, made with natural ice.

Summary of Sunai no Sato

Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato is a hidden tourist destination where you can enjoy traditional culture in a quaint atmosphere.
If you're looking to go sightseeing, consider dropping by Kano Shoujuan・Sunai no Sato to enjoy the beautiful scenery of ancient Japan.

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