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Seki no To, a Famous Confectionary Offered to the Imperial Family of Kyoto

This video, titled "[4K video] 'Seki no To' – A Famous Confectionery Offered to the Imperial Family of Kyoto: Kameyama, Mie |" (【4K動画】京の皇族にも献納された銘菓「関の戸」:三重県亀山市|, was uploaded by

"Seki no To" was created by the long-established store "Fukawaya," a Japanese confectionery shop in Kameyama, Mie, located in Japan's Tokai region.
The shop was founded in the Kan'ei era (1624-1645) during the reign of Iemitsu, the third Tokugawa shogun, and Seki no To was thought up of by Iyoyasushige Hattori, a descendant of ninja.

Seki no To was once used by the Imperial Household as a sweet to be paired with tea.
There was even a special box that was used to deliver Seki no To to the Imperial Household.
At 1:45 in the video, you can see the luxury container in which the sweets would have been stored.

This traditional Japanese sweet has been loved by many people for hundreds of years, so be sure to check it out in the video!

The Ingredients Used to Make Seki no To!

The ingredients used to make the traditional Japanese sweet are brown sugar, wasanbon, gyuhi, mizuame, and azuki beans.

Seki no To is an elegant rice cake measuring roughly 3 cms in diameter.
It is made by kneading mizuame and rice cake powder together and putting red bean paste inside of it.
In the video, you can see the recipe for Seki no To and how it's made at 0:54 in the video.

Seki no To has a shelf life of just 15 days, so be sure to enjoy it before it expires!

The long-established store "Fukawaya" that sells "Seki no To" also has "Seki no To Ice Milk" a tasty ice cream.
"Seki no to Ice Milk" is also very popular and is made by dissolving Seki no To in milk.

Where to Purchase Seki no To

There are three ways to purchase Seki no To:
・At Fukawaya, the store in Mie Prefecture
・At Fukawaya's online shop
・At department stores across Japan

In recent years, Fukawaya has also made and sold glass art called "Seki no To Amabie" to ward off evil.

Summary of Seki no To - A Traditional Japanese Sweet

Seki no To is a traditional Japanese sweet with a history dating back nearly 400 years.

The name Seki no To is not only used for the traditional sweet, but also for the name of songs, kabuki plays, and even in the names of sumo wrestlers.
Fukawaya, located in Mie Prefecture, has been manufacturing and selling Seki no To since the Edo period (1603-1868) as a long-established Japanese confectionery shop.
If you're planning on visiting Kameyama City in Mie Prefecture, be sure to drop by Fukawaya to buy some famous, traditional Japanese sweets!


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Seki no To - A Famous Traditional Japanese Sweet Made for the Imperial Family?!
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