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Not Many People Know How Japan’s School Lunches Are Prepared. Today We’re Revealing the Mystery! The Creativity of School Cooks Makes School Lunches Healthy and Delicious! Lunchtime at a Japanese School!
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The Role of School Lunches in Japan. It Isn't Just Lunch, but an Important Time to Learn About Food and Nutrition!
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A Glimpse at the Day-To-Day Life of Japanese High School Girls! This Popular Video With Over 3 Million Views, Gives Viewers Insight Into the Daily Life of a Japanese High School Girl, Through the Eyes of an International Student
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This video, titled "Japanese High School Life - Come to School with Me," was released by "Ai from Japan."
You can see the daily lives of Japan's high school students in this video.

The video shows high school girls having fun, and of course, the natural smiles on their faces.
If you're thinking of sending your child to study at a Japanese school, this video is a great way to get a feel for the atmosphere of a Japanese high school.
It also shows a high school cafeteria.
You can see what kind of lunch Japanese high school students have.
There are many high schools in Japan, so if you're interested in seeing what they're like, be sure to check out the video!

Life as a High School Student in Japan! Commuting to School, Classes, and Recess... These Girls Show Us Their Daily Lives!
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