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The Okayama Korakuen Genso Teien Event

The video, produced by "Takashi Matsuo", catches a glimpse of the 2018 Okayama Korakuen Genso Garden summer event.
Korakuen, situated in Okayama city, capital of the Okayama prefecture in Japan's Chugoku region, is one of Japan's three great gardens.

A wonderful light-up event called “Genso Garden” is held in this gorgeous garden every summer, and in less than a minute the clip manages to convey the beauty of its scenery and its illumination under the night sky, all in 4k quality.

What Is Korakuen? What Are Its Attractions?

Image of Korakuen
Photo:Okayama Korakuen

Built 300 years ago by Tsunamasa Ikeda, the second daimyo of the Okayama clan, Korakuen is a historical cultural heritage and one of Japan's three most famous gardens.
In addition to being designated as a national special place of scenic beauty, it has been awarded a three-star rating by the Japan Michelin Green Guide.

The garden, which also goes by the name of Gokoen, is a stroll garden based on classic Japanese gardens, where the visitors can enjoy the most emblematic features of the four seasons such as cherry and plum blossoms in spring, or moonlit skies and autumn leaves in the fall.
The Enyotei house and the Yuishinzan Hill are a must-visit, and if you happen to be there at the right time you should not miss the early summer tea picking and the traditional lawn burning. The garden currently hosts eight Japanese cranes, which freely range around the park from fall to winter.
Also, buildings that are generally reserved for private rental, such as the Noh Stage and the Eisho room, are open to the public once a month so that anyone can enjoy the views the they offer.

The "Genso Garden Event"

Korakuen's "Genso Garden" is a popular sightseeing event meant to bring some extra color to Okayama’s summer.
In 2019, it was held at the same time as Okayama Castle's Ujo Togenkyo.
In addition to the summer event shown in the video, there is a spring version of it which is held between late April and early May.

Going through the video, at 0:17 you can see some tourists walking around the Japanese garden in their light yukata.
A stroll through the park featuring wind chimes (0:22) and the carp pond (0:29) will certainly make for a relaxing visit.

The highlight of this video is the illuminated view of Okayama Castle, featured at 0:41. The magnificent Okayama Castle shines in its pure white tones behind two of the garden’s main features, the Asahigawa and Tsukimi Bridges.
Both are sights you want to experience at least once in your lifetime.
The garden hosts a number of events throughout the year, such as a beer garden, a Japanese culture experience tour and Yukata Day, and many people regularly come even just to have a nice, cool evening while strolling around the park.

Other Sightseeing Spots Around Korakuen

Image of Momotaro

Some of the most popular places in the area are the Okayama Castle's Castle Tower, Ujo Park, and Mt. Mikai Zenkoji Temple with its wonderful treasure towers.
Many people also like strolling through the retro-style streets of Izushi-cho in Monzen-machi, or visiting the healing spots in Nishigawa Green Road Park and Edagawa Green Road Park.
And since we are talking about Okayama, one can’t forget about the statue of Momotaro, the iconic Japanese fairy tale character. Pottery from Bizen is another very popular feature from this area.
You can also have lunch at at one of the many nearby hotels, eat local gourmet dishes such as the castle parfait and Okayama Castle rice cakes, or savory Japanese sweets and matcha from the local cafes.

Korakuen Genso Garden Video Summary

In less then a minute, this video manages to capture the atmosphere of both Korakuen and the summer atmosphere of Japan.

Historic Japanese gardens change radically between day and night.
That being said, if you want to walk through this beautifully lit up Japanese garden, don’t miss your chance to visit Korakuen during the Genso Garden event!

◆Overview of the Okayama Korakuen Garden◆
【Address】1-5 Korakuen, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
【Access】10 minutes by bus from Okayama Station or 25 minute walk from the Okayama station
【Admission Fee】Adults 410 yen, seniors 140 yen, free for high school students and younger children (* 2019)
【Hours】From 17:00 to 20:30
【Average time spent here】30-60 minutes
【Parking】Available (100 yen per hour)
【Notice】Pets are not allowed to enter the park, admission is until 20:00

【Official Website】Okayama Korakuen

【Tripadvisor】Okayama Korakuen

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The Genso Garden Event: Enjoy the Beauty and Romantic Scenery of Okayama Korakuen. The Illuminated Garden in Okayama City, Okayama Truly Makes for a Special, Unforgettable Experience!
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