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Wakayama Castle - One of the Top 100 Japanese Castles

This video, titled "[Wakayama - Japan's Top 100 Castles] Residence of the Kishu Tokugawa Family" (【和歌山/日本100名城】紀州和歌山城/紀州徳川家五十五万石の居城 - Wakayama Castle in WAKAYAMA, JAPAN -), was uploaded by "Channel WASABI," a channel that introduces beautiful scenery and famous travel destinations.
The video introduces Wakayama Castle, located in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan's Kansai Region.

The history of Wakayama Castle dates back to 1619 when Tokugawa Yorinobu, the tenth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, entered Wakayama Castle and established the Kishu Tokugawa family.
The castle later became the residence of the Kishu Tokugawa family of the Kishu domain (present day Wakayama and southern Mie), one of the three Tokugawa families.
In this video, you can enjoy the charm of Wakayama Castle and its long history.

The Charm of the Wakayama Castle's Keep Structure!

Image of Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture

Wakayama Castle is one of the rare castles in Japan that has what is called a "coalition type" castle tower that features a main keep, a smaller, secondary keep, and turrets lining its walls.

In addition to Wakayama Castle, Himeji Castle and Matsuyama Castle are the only other surviving castle towers built in this style.
You can see the castle tower at 2:37 in the video.

Wakayama Castle was used for a long time as the residence of the Kishu Tokugawa family of former Kishu domain, but the castle tower and other buildings were destroyed by fire during the Wakayama Air Raid in 1945.

After the war, the castle was rebuilt with a series of towers and other structures, and is now selected as one of the Top 100 Castles in Japan.
Furthermore, from the Wakayama Castle tower on top of Mt. Torafusu, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Wakayama City.
The powerful earthen mounds and stone walls, and the majestic castle tower are a must-see.

Nishinomaru Garden and Okaguchi Gate - Scenic Spots and Important Cultural Properties!

Image of Nishinomaru Garden, Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Nishinomaru Garden, Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture

Wakayama Castle's Nishinomaru Garden was created as a place for the feudal lords to enjoy the elegance of the past.
In Nishinomaru Garden, you can see the historical scenery and feel the history of Wakayama Castle.
The Nishinomaru site is also a large open space where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in spring.

There is also an Important Cultural Property called Okaguchi Gate at Wakayama Castle.
Originally, the large and small keeps were designated as Important Cultural Properties, but they were destroyed by fire in the 1945 Wakayama Air Raid.
Today, only Okaguchi Gate remains as an Important Cultural Property.

Relaxing in Wakayama Castle's Tea Room

In Wakayama, the castle keep is called "Otenshu" or "Otensu."
There are Otenshu teahouses around Wakayama Castle, where staff dressed as lords and princesses or as samurai offer hospitality to visitors.

Enjoy an Exciting Time at Wakayama Castle!

Image of Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture

It's one thing to immerse yourself in the historical sites and enjoy the atmosphere at Wakayama Castle.
However, Wakayama Castle offers a variety of entertainment for all types of people to enjoy.
From around late March to early April, the castle tower is lit up and many people come to see the beautifully illuminated Wakayama Castle.

Then, there's "Omotenashi Ninja," another popular event.
The Omotenashi Ninja lurk inside Wakayama Castle Park and guide tourists around and even take pictures for them.
Visitors can also enjoy a costume experience by dressing up in historical clothing.

Wakayama Castle - Entrance Fees and Access

Image of Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Wakayama Castle, Wakayama Prefecture

The admission fee to the Wakayama Castle tower is 410 yen for adults and 200 yen for children (elementary and junior high school students), making it a great place for families to visit.
Wakayama Castle is a 10-minute walk from Nankai Wakayama Station.
It also about 15 minutes from the Wakayama Interchange on the Hanwa Expressway by car.
There are many parking lots in the area, so you can enjoy Wakayama Castle in a relaxed atmosphere.

Furthermore, there is space around the area to enjoy lunch or have a picnic in the park, making it an all-day destination.

Furthermore, there is space around the area to enjoy lunch or have a picnic in the park, making it an all-day destination.
The guidebook introducing the Kii area includes a map of the area, as well as the Kii Mirokuji San Castle Ruins, Ohashi Roka, and the Wakayama History Museum.

In addition, there's Wakayama Castle Park Zoo and Wakayama Castle Hall, which are designed to keep even small children entertained.

Summary of Wakayama Castle, One of Japan's Top 100 Castles

Wakayama Castle is the symbol of Wakayama City in Wakayama Prefecture.
Wakayama Castle has grown bigger and bigger since 1619 when Tokugawa Yorinobu became the lord of the castle.
It has also become one of the most famous castles in Japan due to its rare "coalition type" castle tower.
Experience the history of Wakayama and the grandeur of Wakayama Castle in this 6-minute video!

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Wakayama Castle - Experience History, Hospitality, and Culture
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