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Introducing Drone Footage of Kumamoto Castle's Reconstruction!

This video, titled "Four Years Since Kumamoto Earthquake. Drone Footage of Kumamoto Castle's Reconstruction" (熊本地震から4年 修復作業続く熊本城をドローン撮影), was released by "Jiji Press Video Center" (時事通信映像センター) in 2020.
Kumamoto Castle is a famous sightseeing spot in Kumamoto.
It was damaged in the Kumamoto Earthquake that struck on April 14th, 2016 and reconstruction is currently ongoing.

Reconstruction of the exterior of the large keep will be finished by 2020, and work on the interior of the large keep and small keep will continue through 2021.
During the restoration period, the castle has a special viewing corridor, as shown at 1:05 of the video, where you can see a close look at the repairs taking place.

The History and Characteristics of Kumamoto Castle

Image of Kumamoto Castle
Photo:Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle, also known as Ginnan Castle, was built between the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573-1598) and the Edo period (1603-1868) in Kumamoto, Akita, Higo as a flatland-mountain castle.
After Kato Kiyomasa rebuilt the castle, it became the residence of the Hosokawa family of the Kumamoto Domain until the end of the Edo period.
In the Meiji period (1868-1912), it was used as a battlefield for Satsuma Rebellion and as a school.

The ruins of castle are designated as a national special historic site and the turret and gate which escaped the flames of the Satsuma Rebellion have been designated Important Cultural Properties.

Condition of Reconstruction

Image of Restoration of Kumamoto Castle
Photo:Restoration of Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle was badly damaged in the 2016 earthquake.
However, the castle barely survived, being supported by a single line of stone wall. This came to be called "The Stone Wall Miracle" and became a beacon of hope for the people affected by the disaster.

The total cost of repairing Kumamoto Castle is estimated to be about 35.4 billion yen.
If you donate more than 10,000 yen, you will receive a "Castle Lord Card" and "Castle Lord Certificate" and your name will be listed on the digital board.
As of 2019, donations have exceeded 2 billion yen.
The basic plan for reconstruction was created in 2018 and included "the early restoration of the castle tower, a symbol of reconstruction, and "a plan to lay the foundation to survive at least 100 years."

Sightseeing Spots Around the Castle

Image of Kumamoto Castle and Cherry Blossoms
Photo:Kumamoto Castle and Cherry Blossoms

The free guide "Omotenashi Busho" is very popular at Kumamoto Castle. You can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn colors in the fall, which are very photogenic. There's also the exciting "Kumamoto Castle Marathon" in winter where you can run around the castle. Kato Shrine dedicated to Kato Kiyomasa and the Monogatari Goten on the second floor of the Kumamoto Museum Wakuwakuza are also a must-see. Also check out the "Wakuwakuza History and Cultural Experience."

Summary of Kumamoto Castle's Restoration

Image of Kumamoto Castle Honmaru Goten and Towers
Photo:Kumamoto Castle Inner Citadel and Turrets

The castle has 400 years of history and the castle's reconstruction has been attracting a lot of attention from castle fans in Japan and abroad.
Check out the official website for information on the reconstruction, special exhibitions, and for maps.
We recommend taking a look at the live camera at Josaien Wakuwakuza to check the progress.

◆About Kumamoto Castle◆
【Address】1-1 Honmaru, Chuo, Kumamoto, Kumamoto
【Access】A 10-minute walk from Kumamoto Castle/City Hall Station and 30 minutes by bus from JR Kumamoto Station
【Entrance fee】500 yen for adult and 200 yen for elementary and junior high school student.
【Hours】8:30 am to 6:00 pm from March to November, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm from December to February
【Closures】December 29th to December 31st
【Parking Facilities】Available
【Telephone No】096-223-5011

【Official Website】Kumamoto Castle

【Tripadvisor】Kumamoto Castle

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It's Only Been 4 Years Since the Disaster, but You'll Soon Be Able To See the Original, Beautiful Kumamoto Castle. Donations Are Still Being Collected for the Reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle, Which Was Damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake
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