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Introducing Iga Ueno Castle!

This is a video introducing Iga Ueno castle in Mie, which was selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles.
The title of the video is "Japan’s Top 100 Castles, Iga Ueno Castle, Mie Prefecture" (日本100名城 伊賀上野城 三重県 Iga Ueno Castle), published by “castle shrine.”

Iga, Mie prefecture is known as the origin of Ninjas. As shown at the beginning of the video, the nearest station to the castle, Ueno-shi station, is also called Ninja-shi station ("shi" means city in Japanese).
Iga Ueno castle is famous for its massive stone walls. In the video at 3:32, you can see the majestic castle as it sits atop the towering stone walls.
These tall stone walls are the second largest stone walls in Japan after Osaka castle.

Many tourists gather here for cherry blossom viewing and to see the autumn leaves at this scenic castle.
We hope you'll enjoy the video showing the castle in all its grandeur.

A Look at Iga Ueno Castle

Image of Iga Ueno Castle in spring
Photo:Iga Ueno Castle in spring

Iga Ueno castle was built on Ueno Plateau in the Iga area. The castle was classified as a hirayama style castle (built on a hill in a plain) and also called Hakuho castle. It was known as a defensive castle as there are two rivers near it.
These rivers were a great advantage in protecting the castle when attacked.

Before Iga Ueno castle was built, there were different buildings, such as a temple and a small castle, at the site of Iga Ueno castle.
In the Warring States period (1467-1615), construction of Iga Ueno castle began under the authority of military commander, Katsutoshi Takigawa.
After that, Tsutsui Sadatsugu reconstructed the castle by referring to the manuscript "Isui Unko," written by Nyogen Kikuoka.
Finally, the castle was expanded by Takatora Toda who received it from Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Shortly thereafter, Takatora became the lord of the castle.

The current Iga Ueno castle is a castle keep, also called "Iga Cultural Property."
Different calligraphic works are embedded in the coffers of the top floor as well.
These calligraphic works are outstanding and the castle is now designated as a cultural property of Iga.

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Iga Ueno Castle?What's the highlight?

About 600 cherry trees are planted around the castle tower of Iga Ueno Castle.In spring, you can enjoy the collaboration between Tenshukaku and cherry blossoms reflected in the blue sky, making it a great shooting spot.When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the Tenshu-kaku lights up, and the gentle light of the lanterns shines on them.

Usually, cherry blossoms in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, are at their best from late March to early April.It seems that the cherry blossom forecast date for 2024 will be in full bloom around March 31st and April 7th.

Sightseeing at Iga Ueno Castle and the Castle Town

Image of Iga Ueno castle, Scenery from the castle tower
Photo:Iga Ueno castle, Scenery from the castle tower

Ueno park is located around Iga Ueno Castle.
This park is popular for literary fans as there are different historical buildings related to Matsuo Basho, a famous poet who was from Ueno.
There are also Ninja museums and different Ninja attractions, so it is a perfect place to have fun and learn about Ninja culture.
Stop by restaurants and gift stores in the castle town to enjoy the local specialties.

Summary of Iga Ueno Castle

Image of  Iga Ueno Castle, castle tower
Photo:Iga Ueno Castle , castle tower

Iga Ueno castle is a great place to visit and see the castle tower, Hakuho gate, and cultural properties on display inside the castle.
You can also collect a seal of the castle if you have a castle stamp book.
Check out the video and see the wonderful view from the top of the castle tower.
Matsuzaka castle is also located in Mie, so if you can, we recommend visiting both.

◆Information of Iga Ueno Castle◆
【Address】106 Ueno-marunouchi, Iga, Mie
【Access】An 8 minute walk from Iga railway Ueno-shi station
【Admission fee】600 yen for an adult, 300 yen for a child
【Hours】9:00 - 17:00
【Parking】Paid Parking Available
【Telephone No】0595-21-3148

【Official Website】Iga Ueno Castle

【Tripadvisor】Iga Ueno Castle

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A Look at the History of Iga Ueno Castle, Located in Iga, Mie - The Origin of Ninjas! A Beautiful Castle With Incredible Stone Walls and One of Japan’s Top 100 Castles!
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