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About Susaki, Kochi Prefecture

This is a promotional video for Susaki city, Kochi prefecture, located in Japan's Shikoku region, created by Shinjo-kun.
Shinjo-kun is a popular mascot that represents Susaki city!

What kind of sightseeing spots are there in Susaki?
In this article, we'll introduce spots around Susaki where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and also recommend places where you can try the local cuisine.
Enjoy a look at the beautiful scenery and delicious seafood available in Susaki city.

Let's Take a Trip to Susaki!

Image of the view from Yokonami Kuroshio Line
Photo:Image of the view from Yokonami Kuroshio Line

A great way to enjoy the scenery in the Kochi area is to drive along the Yokonami Kuroshio Line, a road that connects the cities of Tosa (土佐市, Tosashi) and Susaki.
The refreshing drive allows you to take in the sights of the natural scenery while providing smooth access to many of the tourist attractions in Susaki.
If you're travelling by car, be sure to stop by Roadside Station Kawauso-no-sato (Otter Village) Susaki (かわうその里すさき, Kawausonosatosusaki), where you can try some of the local food and enjoy shopping.

In 2018, a new attraction called Comodo Uranouchi (an inflatable obstacle course on the water) was opened and it has been increasing in popularity quite quickly.
58 seconds into the video you can see Sakoda knives (迫田刃物, Sakodahamono) being made, one of the many traditional crafts you can experience in Susaki, Kochi prefecture.

Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Susaki City

Image of Otonashi Shrine
Photo:Otonashi Shrine

In the Susaki city area, there are many temples and shrines you can visit, such as Otonashi Shrine (鳴無神社, Otonashi jinja), Suga shrine (須賀神社, Suga jinja), Daizenji temple (大善寺, Daizenji), and Hosshoji temple (発生寺, Hosshouji).
If you would like to try something fun and exciting, why not visit Susaki when the Kamo shrine (賀茂神社, Kamo jinja) fall festival or Susaki festivals are being held?
If you take part in one of these big events, you might get the chance to meet Susaki's popular character Shinjo-kun!
If you're planning on staying at a hotel, we highly recommend a relaxing stay at the Soudayama Hot Springs (桑田山温泉, Soudayama onsen).

Local Cuisine in Susaki

Looking out onto the vast Pacific Ocean, the warm waters of Susaki city are overflowing with fresh seafood.
You can see fishing starting from 0:23 in the video.

The town has a tradition of eating the highly nutritious moray eel. We recommend trying the deep fried Moray eel (ウツボの唐揚げ, Utsubo no karaage)!
We also recommend trying Frigate tuna (ソウダガツオ, Soudagatsuo), known as Mejika in this area.

Susaki city is also famous for producing soy sauce, a condiment that compliments the seafood caught in this area very nicely.
A bottle of soy sauce, which has been produced in Kochi prefecture for over 100 years, is a great idea for a souvenir as well!
At 1:19 in the video, you can witness the soy sauce manufacturing process at the Marukyou Miso and Soy Sauce Distillery (丸共味噌醤油醸造所, Marukyou miso shouyu jouzousho).
As shown at 1:47 in the video, you can enjoy the taste of freshly caught fish in Susaki city by dipping it in the locally produced soy sauce.

There are many restaurants in Susaki serving the local specialty Nabeyaki Ramen. You can't find it outside of this region, so definitely consider giving it a try.

Summary of Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture

This video introduces the beautiful natural scenery that changes season by season and delicious seafood unique to Susaki city.
Watching this video will surely make you want to take a trip to Kochi prefecture!
It's time to plan a visit to Susaki, a city where you can rediscover the charm and beauty of Japan.

【Official Website】Susaki city hall

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Susaki City Is the Ideal Destination for Seafood Lovers! The Fresh Fish, Together With Locally Made Soy Sauce Is an Experience in Itself! Enjoy Beautiful Scenery and Traditional Japanese Culture in Kochi Prefecture!
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