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This video, titled "Japan’s "Last Ninja" Explains The Naruto Run | EVERYDAY BOSSES #9," was released by Asian Boss.

Asian Boss is a media company based in South Korea, and their videos show real life in Asia.
Their mission is to "bridge the social and cultural gap," and they use video to break down prejudices and stereotypes.
Through storytelling, they challenges people to remain curious, think critically, and take action to bring the world closer together.

Asian Boss' Hiroko introduces Kawakami Jinichi, who works as a ninja at Tenmangu Shrine.
It is said that the "symbols" that Kawakami expresses with his hands are rooted in Buddhist philosophy.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Something even Japanese people don't know about Japan?! Japan's NINJA introduced by the Korean media,
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