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Introducing Ibaraki's Suigo Itako Iris Festival

The title of the video is "Wedding Boat Summary - A Bride from Itako Goes by a Boat- (Suigo Itako Iris Festival)(嫁入り舟ダイジェスト~潮来花嫁さんは舟でゆく~ (水郷潮来あやめまつり))”

When the rainy season starts, irises are in bloom and the Suigo Itako Iris Festival is held in Suigo Itako Iris Garden (水郷潮来あやめ園).
The beautiful bride, wearing a pure white dress is shown in the video.
Enjoy Japanese tradition and culture by watching this video.

What Is a Wedding Boat?

Image of wedding boat
Photo:The Wedding Boat of Itako

The Suigo Itako Iris Festival is famous for the wedding boat.
The video shows what a traditional marriage in Itako looks like.
As shown in the video from 1:09, at the festival, a bride, a boatman and a mediator go through the park full of irises.
They then row a boat across the river towards where the groom is waiting.
The boat move slowly and it is watched over by people who came to enjoy the festival.
It is quite the site.

After meeting with the groom, wearing a hakama with a family crest, they take hands and promise everlasting love.
This is shown from 3:38 in the video.

How to Enjoy the Festival

Fountain spot "WAiWAi Fantasia" which is across the garden, is popular as a spiritual site for love and marriage.
It's shown from 3:50 in the video.
After sharing their vows, the groom and bride lock the "key to happiness" in the fountain.

At the festival, there are dance contests and illuminations making it a very lively event.

Sightseeing at the Suigo Itako Iris Garden

Image of the Suigo Itako Iris Festival
Photo:The Suigo Itako Iris Festival

At the Suigo Itako Iris Garden in Ibaraki, people can enjoy 500 different kinds of over a million irises.
It is a very popular spot and was selected as one of “the 500 most beautiful roads in Japan.”

Itako has a history of using a water transportation system and many boats came and went during the Edo period (1603 to 1868). If you're going to the Suigo Itako Iris Festival, be sure to keep an eye out for the wedding ceremony to see the bride going downriver.
You can also try a Yuki Tsumugi experience where you try on handmade silk kimono as well.


The Suigo Itako Iris Festival, introduced in the video, is a very popular event and 800 thousand people visit it annually.
Enjoy looking at the beautiful Japanese bride wearing a pure white dress.

If you want to visit the Suigo Itako Iris Festival, we recommend first checking out the bloom conditions, the schedule of the festival, sightseeing spots and then booking a hotel.

◆Suigo Itako Iris Garden Information◆
【Address】Iris 1-5 Itako city Ibaraki prefecture
【Access】A 3-minute walk from JR Itako Station. Buses available during the time of the festival
【Parking】Available (A toll parking lot is available during the Suigo Itako Iris Festival)
【Telephone No】0299-63-1111
【Entrance fee】Free

【Official Website】Suigo Itako Iris Festival

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