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This video, titled "Houkiboshi|Akabane|Tantanmen" (ほうきぼし 赤羽 担々麺), was released by "Nationwide Ramen Videos" (全国ラーメン動画).

Houkiboshi (ほうきぼし) is located 3 minutes from JR Akabane Station by foot, and their soupless tantanmen is very popular! The owner, who was 18 years old when opening the restaurant, became the talk of the town because she was so beautiful, and after only three months, people started lining up to try her noodles!

The video shows not their signature dish "soupless tantanmen, but instead, tantanmen with soup.
In fact, it's a hidden specialty of the shop.
The soup is rich and mildly spicy with a hint of sansho (Japanese pepper) and eight kinds of spices.
The medium thick noodles go great with komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), miso, and bean sprouts! Topped with a little bit of nuts and you have yourself a meal!

The Rich and Delicious Tantanmen Created by a Too-Beautiful Manager! The Akabane Ramen Shop
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