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This video, titled "[NEWS] What it looks like translating honorifics into English... Katsura Sunshine's English Rakugo Part 6" ([NEWS] 敬語を英語で訳してみると… 桂三輝の英語落語 其の六です), was released by "TIMELINE - タイムライン."

Canadian rakugo performer affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo, Katsura Sunshine introduces Japanese keigo with a Japanese "keigo dictionary" in hand, in a rakugo style that is sure to make you laugh!

The dictionary contains everything from the highest level of Japanese honorifics to rude words and phrases.
For example, "Thank you" is considered both...
The more honorifics used, the longer the sentences become, and the harder it is to translate it into English.

In English, a simple "Thank you" would be enough, but in Japanese, there are many different words with the same meaning, and this often confuses non-native speakers.
Enjoy the differences between English and Japanese with this fast-paced English Rakugo!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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What Happens When You Translate the Honorific Into English? Rakugo Artist Katsura Sunshine Introduces Rakugo in English!
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