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This video, titled "Miyagi University Graduation Project 'A Glimpse at the Karakuri Box'" (宮城大学卒業制作 「からくりを覗く」), was released by "Minoru Suzuki" (鈴木実訓).

A karakuri box is a box with an opening mechanism on its surface and inside that can only be opened through certain actions.
In ancient times, people used to hide important things in these secret boxes.
In this several-minute video, titled "A Glimpse at the Karakuri Box," the filmmaker unravels the mechanism by taking out a smaller box out of a square box and opening the box in a nonchalant manner.

How does this box open? The best part of the karakuri box is not so much the storage itself, but the process of unraveling the karakuri and opening the box.
Enjoy stimulating your curiosity with this video!

What's Hidden Inside This Puzzle Box? A Look at the Tricky Karakuri Box!
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