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Learn How to Make Miniature Bonsai Using Teacups! Perfect for Interior Decoration! Add Some Japanese Culture to Your Home!
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Step Into the World of Bonsai (盆栽), a Traditional Japanese Culture, at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama City, Saitama! Enjoy the Charm of Bonsai With 4K Images, and Experience the Harmony of Japan
Video article 4:08
The Roji of a Tea House. A Look at the Skill and Commitment of the Gardener Who Created the Urasenke Tea Garden
Video article 29:17

This video, titled "Build a Japanese Garden" (日本庭園を作る), was released by "Plant Man Asu" (植物男子 Asu).

The miniature garden introduced in this video is a garden that was created as a kind of interior design so that you can feel the Japanese atmosphere in your home.
Although it's difficult to prepare a real garden, you can enjoy a miniature garden with just a little bit a of time and the right parts. They're also popular as interior decorations.

In this video, you can see a miniature garden with a quaint Japanese atmosphere.

Bring the Japanese Garden Indoors! Lanterns, Stone Bridges, Bonsai... How to Make a Super-Realistic Miniature Garden in 12 Minutes!
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