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This video, titled "Strolling Along the Kamo Riverbank & Pontocho|Kyoto Summer" (鴨川納涼床と先斗町 京都の夏), was released by "K Japan Traveler."

Every year, the Kamogawa riverbank turns into a restaurant and seats are provided during the summer months from May-September.
It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to enjoy the summer season in Kyoto.
The history of this tradition has been going on since the Edo period, and there are more than 100 houses that have applied to participate in it in the Kamikiyacho, Pontocho, Nishi-Ishigaki and Shimokiya areas.
You can enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western-style meals with a view from the riverbed.

Strolling Along the Kamo Riverbanks in the Kyoto Summer... Enjoy Kaiseki Cuisine and Drinks at a Riverside Restaurant!
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