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A Walk Through Kyoto’s Nishiki Market!

This video, “【京都】 錦市場を歩く Walking through Nishiki ichiba, Kyoto, Japan,” introduces Kyoto’s Nishiki Market.

Nishiki Market is one of Kyoto’s popular sightseeing areas.
Here, you can purchase a wide variety of Kyoto greens, fresh produce, as well as side dishes native to Kyoto. Not only Kyoto residents, but also tourists from overseas as well as students on school trips visit this market in droves.

Around New Year’s Day, the market is so crowded with people searching for ingredients used in New Year’s dishes that it becomes difficult to move!
At the eastern end of Nishiki Market, there are places of interest such as Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine (錦天満宮), Teramachi-dori Street (寺町通), Shinkyogoku Shopping Street (新京極通), Kawara-cho (河原町), and more.

Just What Is Nishiki Market? Introducing Its Origins and Must-See Places in the Area!

Image of Nishiki Market
Photo:Snacks at Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is a shopping street about 400m long, known as the “Kitchen of Kyoto”. It can be found in Kyoto City, Nakagyo Ward, on Nishikikoji-dori Street.
In this neighborhood, stores selling seafood and more have existed since the Heian Period of Japan (794 to 1185).

In addition, the famous painter Ito Jakuchu (伊藤若冲) was born in a vegetable store that formerly existed in Nishiki Market.
Nishiki Market is recognized by small and medium businesses as a massive shopping street, and was selected as one of Japan’s “Ganbaru Shopping Streets 77” in 2006.

Enjoy Strolling and Eating Your Way Through Kyoto’s Nishiki Market!

image of Nishiki Market
Photo:Nishiki Market

Around 130 stores can be found at Nishiki Market, including long-established stores as well as specialty stores. In these stores alone, you can find every possible type of Kyoto-only ingredients.
In addition, you can enjoy munching on some snacks as you stroll through the market.
Do try out the freshly-made Japanese sweets containing tamagoyaki and namafu.
Of course, there are also stores where visitors can have breakfast or lunch, such as the popular Japanese restaurant Tobeian.

Purchasing dried food, pickles, seafood such as oysters, as well as processed food is another thing we recommend.
Nishiki Market’s one and only shrine, the Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine, can also be seen from 9:46 in the video. This shrine was built in the Heian era of Japan, and is home to the “God of Wisdom・Scholarship・Business Talent” as well as the “God of Inviting Fortune・Repelling Evil・Protection from Disasters”.

In the 21 minutes of the video, various stores can be seen.
Which stores caught your attention?

Summary of Kyoto’s Nishiki Market

Image of woman doing shoot Nishiki Market with a smartphone
Photo:Taking a Photo of Nishiki Market

As shown in the video, Nishiki Market’s retro feel, as well as the convenience of having a wide variety of delicacies available, is the source of the market’s popularity.

When thinking of a tour in Kyoto, travelers usually think of famous shrines such as Kiyomizudera Shrine (清水寺) and Kinkakuji Shrine (金閣寺, The Golden Pavillion).
However, if you’re already in Kyoto, why not take a trip to Nishiki Market, where you can have your fill of Kyoto’s delicious food?
You're sure to find a store that suits your tastes.

◆Nishiki Market Facilities Overview◆
【Address】Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward Higashi-Uoya (Nishikikoji-dori~Takakura)
【Access】2 minutes’ walk from city bus Shijo Takakura Station (四条高倉, Shijo Takakura), 3 minutes’ walk from subway Karasuma Line Shijo Station (烏丸線四条駅, Karasuma-sen Shijo-eki), 3 minutes’ walk from Hankyu Kyoto Line Karasuma Station (阪急京都線烏丸駅, Hankyu Kyoto sen Karasuma-eki)
【Opening Hours】Differs by store
【Parking】Paid parking is available in the vicinity

【Official Website】Nishiki Market

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What Kind of Ingredients Can You Get at Kyoto's Nishiki Market? Take a Stroll Through the
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