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This video, released by "JAPANESE SCENERY CHANNEL," is titled "DJI Osmo Pocket -新大久保を散歩 Walk around Shin-Okubo 【4K】【July 2019】."

The area around Shin-Okubo Station on the Yamanote Line is known as "Tokyo's Korea Town".
There are many Korean restaurants in front of the station, and the aromatic smell of Korean lingers in the air.
Shin-Okubo is also home to a number of Korean cosmetics and K-Pop goods stores, as well as markets selling Korean goods.

The cute, Instagram-worthy Korean sweets available for eating and wandering around the city is one thing it's known for.
Enjoy gourmet dining and shopping in the charming Korea town where Japanese, Koreans and tourists from around the world gather!

Enjoy Eating Out and Shopping for Korean Goods in Shin-Okubo, the Largest Korea Town in Japan!
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