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Introducing the Superb Landscapes and Experiences of Higashimatsushima

YouTube screenshot, "The charm of Higashimatsushima!! A promotional video of tourism and products" (東松島の魅力をおとどけ!観光物産のPR動画), was created by “Higashimatsushima tourism and products association” (東松島観光物産協会).
It shows the superb landscapes and experiences of Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, in Japan's Tohoku region.

Higashimatsushima in Miyagi Prefecture is located to the east of “Matsushima,” which is known as one of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan.
It offers a wide variety of sightseeing spots, experiences, and events that allow you to enjoy the powerful panoramic view.

This article provides recommendations for places to see and things to do in the Higashimatsushima area of Miyagi Prefecture, as well as travel tips.
We're sure you'll find something in Higashimatsushima that catches your eye!

About Higashimatsushima

Image of Matsushima

Higashimatsushima city is located to the north east of Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture, between Matsushima city and Ishinomaki city.
It is relatively warm for the Tohoku region, and the population is 39,950 (as of May, 2019).

Access to Higashimatsushima City is available from Sendai Airport or JR East Sendai Station by car or train.
The nearest station convenient for sightseeing is “Nobiru Station” on JR Sengoku line.
The closest station to the site is the JR Sengoku Line Nobiru Station, and it is recommended that visitors take a taxi or rent a car.

Where to Find the Beautiful Sunsets Shown in the Video

Inage of Sagakei Otomegahama in Okumatsushima
Photo:Sagakei Otomegahama in Okumatsushima

Higashimatsushima is home to one of Japan's famous "4 Amazing Views," where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the islands in Matsushima Bay. That is, "Otakamori" in Miyato island (宮戸島, Miyatojima), which is introduced at 0:45 in the video.

It's an amazing sight, and because the islands are viewed from the mountain peak people say it resembles a miniature garden.
The ever-changing evening view from the "Otakamori" is wonderful, and on a clear day, you can enjoy a panoramic view that will make you forget about time.
Next, at 1:09 in the video, we're shown that you can take a fishing boat or a sightseeing boat to visit the small islands nearby. Saga Valley (嵯峨渓, Sagakei) is one of the three major valleys in Japan, along with Yaba Valley (耶馬渓, Yabakei) in Oita Prefecture and Geibi Valley (猊鼻渓, Geibikei) in Iwate Prefecture.
There are several small islands such as Ashika island (アシカ島, Ashikajima), Megane cape (メガネ崎, Meganezaki), Misago island (みさご島, Misagojima), and Meoto island (夫婦島, Meotojima), which were created by the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean over a long period of time, and Byoubu rock (屏風岩, Byoubuiwa), which is a dynamic rock formation eroded by rough waves, wind, and rain.

Enjoy the Cuisine of Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture

Image of Fresh oyster dishes
Photo:Fresh oyster dishes

There are seven fishing ports in Higashimatsushima city, so there's no shortage of quality seafood.
Particularly well known is the nori (seaweed), which has been presented to the imperial family many times, and the oysters, which grow large and rich in flavor in just a year thanks to the abundance of food available.
Nori is processed into a variety of products such as dried seaweed, grilled seaweed, seasoned seaweed, Udon noodles, dressings, and more.

Oysters are shipped from Higashimatsushima to other fisheries across Japan as seed oysters. Therefore, it is called the hometown of oysters.
There are many places where oysters are processed and seed oysters are grown.
They are shown from 1:43 in the video.

After sightseeing, enjoy fresh seafood and delicious gourmet dishes such as "Higashimatsushima Nori Udon," which is a type of udon noodles with a seaweed flavor.

Enjoy the Sights and Experiences Unique to Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Prefecture!

Image of Blue Impulse
Photo:Blue Impulse

There are about 70 shell-mounds along the coast of the rich Matsushima sea. Among them, “Satohama shell mound”(里浜貝塚, Satohamakaizuka) in Miyatojima in Higashimatsushima city is one of the biggest in Japan.
“The Historical Museum of the Jomon Village Okumatsushima” displays excavated articles from “Satohamakaizuka”.
We recommend that you try your hand at making a fire or other Jomon experiences when you visit.
You can see this at 2:56 in the video.

You can also experience popular activities utilizing the rich nature of Higashimatsushima.
Board a fishing boat, try your hand at cage fishing or sea kayaking and enjoy the natural beauty of Higashimatsushima's marine activities.
Higashi Matsushima is also home to the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force's Matsushima Base, which is home to Blue Impulse, the only squadron of the Air Self-Defense Force whose mission is to fly exhibitions.
Exercises over the base are a familiar sight, and if you call in advance, you can tour the inside of the base.
In August, the "Air Festival" (航空祭, Koukusai) event is held. It features the skilled acrobatics of Blue Impulse.
The heart-shaped smoke art that colors the skies of Higashimatsushima City is definitely Instagram-worthy.
Fans from all over Japan come to the event.
Be sure not to miss it!.
You can check it out at 3:49 in the video.

The "Higashi-Matsushima City Naruseryuto Fireworks Festival," which has been held more than 90 times, the "Higashi-Matsushima Summer Festival," which includes a show by Blue Impulse, a drum and fife parade by children, and the "Yatsutaka Mikoshi (portable shrine)," which is crowded with people who want to experience local culture, all take place during the summer.
These festivals are shown from 4:19 in the video.

Other Things to See in Higashimatsushima

There are still many more tourist spots in Higashimatsushima that weren't introduced in the video.

They are: Otakamori observatory (大高森展望台, Otakamoritenboudai), KIBOCHA (a Disaster prevention facility), Higashimatsushima city 3.11 Disaster Recovery Memorial Museum, Yamoto Kaihin Ryokuchi (矢本海浜緑地), The Historical Museum of Jomon Village OkuMatsushima, Tsukihama coast (月浜海岸, Tsukihamakaigan), Nobiru coast (野蒜海岸, Nobirukaigan), Old Nobiru Station, and Rikuzen Otsuka Station.
There are also a number of hot spring inns and hotels, so you don't have to worry about lodging for overnight trips.

Summary of Sightseeing in Higashimatsushima

YouTube screenshot, "The charm of Higashimatsushima!! A promotional video of tourism and products," introduces the unique appeal of Higashimatsushima.
Watch this video to discover the good balance of scenery, experiences, and food, all packed inside Higashimatsuyama.

In this article, we followed along with the video to show you how to get to Higashimatsushima, as well as its food, sights and activities.
We hope that through this article, you'll be inspired to visit Higashimatsushima, a little-known tourist destination in Japan's Tohoku region.

【Official Website】Higashimatsushima City Hall website

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