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Hinamatsuri in Futami, Mie: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) in Futami, Ise, Mie" (Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) ひな祭り「おひなさまめぐり in 二見」三重県伊勢市), was uploaded by "Discover Nippon."

What Is Hinamatsuri + A Brief Introduction to Mie Prefecture

Hinamatsuri, also known as Girls' Day, is a traditional Japanese event/festival to celebrate the health and happiness of girls that takes place on March 3rd each year in Japan. The festivals generally feature dolls (called 'hina') dressed up in kimono, along with decorations, such as peach and cherry blossoms. During Hinamatsuri, the dolls are placed on a platform called a "Hina-dan," which generally features 7 tiers of dolls and a red cloth covering. The dolls used in Hinamatsuri can often be quite expensive, but they are more commonly handed down from the grandparents of the child as heirlooms when the baby is born. Common foods eaten during Hinamatsuri include different types of sushi, amazake (a type of sake with little or no alcohol content), mochi, etc.

Mie Prefecture is located in southern Honshu, Japan's main island. It shares borders with Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Gifu, Shiga, and Aichi Prefectures, as well as the sea, allowing for it to have a thriving fishing industry. Mie is home to a number of attractions, including various shrines, the most famous of which is Ise Grand Shrine.

Each year in Futami, Mie, where Futamiura, a National Site of Scenic Beauty famous for Meoto-iwa (夫婦岩, lit. "Wedded Rocks"), a pair of sacred rocks said to represent a married couple, is located, a Hinamatsuri festival is held.

Approximately 1,500 hina dolls are displayed at Hinjitsukan, a historic building that once served as lodging for distinguished guests. Enjoy the historic, museum-like building and the various Hina dolls displayed there in the video.

How Hinamatsuri is Celebrated in Futami, Mie

Image of hina dolls
Photo:Hina dolls

The Hinamatsuri festival is held annually for about a month from February to March in the Futamiura area centering on the Meoto-iwa.

The first Hinamatsuri festival in Futami was held by local volunteers in order to revitalize tourism in the area, which had been experiencing a decline due to aging facilities and changes in transportation.

During the event period, visitors can see Hinamatsuri decorations everywhere, including public facilities, inns, restaurants, souvenir stores, and even in the yards of ordinary houses. There are many elaborate exhibits and plenty of things to see!

The Hinamatsuri festival in Futami also offers workshops and events for visitors to enjoy Hinamatsuri and has become a spring tradition that many people participate in.

What are the dates and highlights of the 2024 Ohinasama Meguri in Futami?

The 20th Ohinasama Meguri in Futami was held from February 4 to March 5 in 2023, and will be held from February 4 to March 10 in 2024 in Futami-machi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture, in the Futamiura area.

Since the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.), Futamiura has been visited by many people as a place to purify oneself before visiting Ise Grand Shrine. During the event, Hina dolls will be displayed at the traditional Japanese-style inns along the Meoto-iwa approach to the inns.

At the Futami Lifelong Learning Center (二見生涯学習センター, Futami Shogai Gakushu Senta), visitors can enjoy all sorts of popular Hinamatsuri decorations. You can enjoy the creative display in collaboration with Hinjitsukan.

There are approximately 1500 priceless Edo period hina doll decorations and creative hina dolls on display at Hinjitsukan! The hina dolls depicting nobles sitting in the palace are really something else.
[Video] 1:11 - Splendid Hina Doll Decorations

Next, we'll take a look at Hinjitsukan, one of the exhibition halls during the Hinamatsuri festival of Futami, Mie.

Unique Events at Hinjitsukan, a Guest House Turned Museum

Image of Hinjitsukan in Futami, Mie
Photo:Hinjitsukan in Futami, Mie

During the 20th Hinamatsuri festival in Futami, special exhibitions, workshops, and events are planned to take place at Hinjitsukan, an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

The interior of the museum has a historic atmosphere, with gorgeous dolls from the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.) to the Showa period (1926-1989 A.D.) displayed in various places. There are also a number of dolls and decorations with unique designs. Visitors can take their time to appreciate the unique hina dolls here.
[Video] 2:22 - Unique Hina Doll Displays

The theme for 2023 was "Nostalgic School Trips," and the theme for 2024 will be "Futami no Shinji" (the Shinto rituals of Futami), with exhibits depicting the "Mogari Shinji," "vegetable and fruit cultivation at Jingu Gyoen," and "hard salt production at Goshiohama and Goshioyakijo" with hina dolls.

There are also workshops offering a pearl hina doll-making experience that both children and adults alike can enjoy. On weekends, there will be various events, such as gospel concerts, erhu (Chinese violin), koto, and shakuhachi (bamboo flute) performances, rakugo (comedic Japanese storytelling), magic shows, and more.

Kimono Rental Experiences and Discounts for Wearing Them!

Guests who visit Hinjitsukan while wearing kimono on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays during the Hinamatsuri festival will be admitted free of charge! On days with free admission for those wearing kimono, there will be a matcha (powdered green tea) ceremony as well, and you can enjoy tea while viewing the strolling garden.
[Video] 0:22 - Hinjitsukan, an Important Cultural Property of Japan

Summary of Hinamtasuri in Futami, Mie

Image of the Meoto-iwa at Futami Okitama Shrine
Photo:The Meoto-iwa at Futami Okitama Shrine

The Hinamatsuri festival of Futami, Mie started as a way to revitalize the community of Futami, and is now a springtime tradition and event enjoyed by many people in Futamiura. If you come to Mie, Japan for sightseeing during the spring, we definitely recommend coming by and enjoying a kimono rental experience while enjoying the attractions in the area.

From JR Futamiura Station to the Meoto-iwa and Futami Okitama Shrine, it's about 10-15 minutes walking. This is a great chance to experience Japanese culture and traditions and see unique hina doll decorations you won't find in other parts of Japan. There's also a stamp rally that visitors can complete to receive a commemorative gift, providing another enjoyable way to tour the area.

There are also restaurants serving special foods unique to Hinamatsuri that are only available during the festival. Enjoy Hinamatsuri in Mie, Japan with a sightseeing trip to Futamiura!

【Address】566-2 Futamicho Chaya, Ise, Mie 519-0609
【Hours】9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
【Closures】Tuesdays (If Tuesday is a national holiday, closed the following day)
【Admission Fee】Adults: 310 yen, Children (elementary, junior high, high school): 150 yen
 ※During the Hinamatsuri festival: Adults: 400 yen, children: 200 yen
【Access】Nearest station: An approximately 12-minute walk from Futamiura Station via the JR Sangu Line


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