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A Video of Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri!

This video, titled "かつうらビッグひな祭り 4K Katsura Big Hinamatsuri," was uploaded by "MOVIE JAPAN."
It introduces Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri, an event held at Tomisaki Shrine in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, in Japan’s Kanto Region.

The many hina decorations on the stone steps of the shrine during Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri is truly a sight to behold.
Most hina dolls are displayed on three to five tiers, but Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri at Tomisaki Shrine, shown in the video, has approximately 1,800 hina dolls displayed on 60 stone tiers.
You can see this from 0:06 in the video.

In Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, during Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri, hina dolls are displayed at various spots, including around Kazusa-Okitsu Station and Katsuura Marine Park.

What is the Japanese traditional culture "Hinamatsuri"?

Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) is held on March 3rd every year to pray for the healthy growth of girls.
In houses where there are girls, they decorate the hina-dan with hina dolls, and celebrate their growth by eating chirashi-zushi, drinking the non-alcoholic shiro-zake ("white sake"), cake, and hina-arare, a type of rice cracker.
Some families also have fun folding hina dolls with origami and singing songs.

During Hina Matsuri various dolls decorate the hina-dan.
These include imperial dolls representing the emperor and empress, courtesan dolls, musician dolls, dolls of warriors, and even servants.

What are the dates and highlights of the "Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri"?

The "Katsuura Big Doll Festival" will be held from February 23rd to March 3rd in 2024.The main venue is around Cape Tonomimisaki Shrine, where the highlights are approximately 1,800 hina dolls displayed on 60 stone steps.It's displayed on the panel on rainy days, so please check the weather forecast before going out.

During the period, events such as stamp rallies around Katsuura and Oyado, where there is a chance to win luxury prizes, as well as free bus "Open Top Bus" services around Katsuura and Oyado are scheduled.The website will keep you up to date.

Check out the Big Hinamatsuri in Katsuura, Tokushima!

The video shows Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri in Katsuura, Chiba.
However, the Big Hinamatsuri Executive Committee of Katsuura, Tokushima and the NPO Awa Katsuura Idobata Juku also hold a similar event.
At the Big Hinamatsuri in Tokushima, a pyramid-shaped hina-dan, measuring roughly 7 meters tall, can be seen on display during the event.
More than 20,000 hina dolls are displayed at the event, and these dolls are donated from all over Japan.
Donations of hina dolls are subject to a memorial service fee.

Katsuura Hinamatsuri-go, Katsuura Hinamatsuri Hiking, the Katsuura Shopping Street Pedestrian Paradise Parade, and other events also take place during the event period.

Summary of the Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri Introduction Video

In this article, we introduced a video of the dynamic Katsuura Big Hinamatsuri.
The hina-dan made on the stone steps of the shrine is a spectacular sight that is great for taking Instagram photos!

There are many other large scale Hina Matsuri festivals in Japan as well, such as the "100-tier hinadan," so be sure to check them out during your visit to Japan.

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