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This video, titled "Rishiri Island, Hokkaido - Cycling PR Video (Long Version) - Summer Edition" (北海道利尻島 サイクリングPR動画 ロングver ~夏編~), was uploaded by "Rishirifuji Town Hall."

The video tells the story of one woman, tired from her daily life in the city, who travels to Rishiri Island in Hokkaido in the summer in search of escape.

The vast skies and expansive landscape of Rishiri Island are not something that can be conveyed simply by glancing at a travel brochure. The footage shown in the video captures the excitement that one can experience by physically visiting Rishiri Island.
Be sure to check out the video for a tour of Rishiri Island by rental bicycle, and experience the culture, gastronomy, and warm interactions with the local people of Rishiri Island.

Image of Mt. Rishiri (Rishiri Fuji), Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Mt. Rishiri (Rishiri Fuji), Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Rishiri Island is a small island with a circumference of 60 km, that can be toured via car in just 1.5 hours, and is full of delectable delicacies to indulge in!

This article will provide information on tourist attractions on Rishiri Island during the tourist season from early summer to autumn.
Enjoy the spectacular views of the upside-down Rishiri Fuji, Shiroi Koibito no Oka, as well as outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and cycling, and seafood delicacies made using freshly caught sea urchin from Rishiri Island.

We'll also go over how to get to Rishiri Island, so if you're thinking about traveling to Rishiri Island, be sure to stay tuned for all of this useful information!

Rishiri Island is located in the Sea of Japan in northern Hokkaido and has a population of around 2,200. The name "Rishiri" comes from the Ainu word "Riishiri," which means "Island with tall mountain(s)," a reference to Mt. Rishiri, located directly in the center of the island.
Located approximately 52 kilometers west of the city of Wakkanai, the northernmost point of Japan, the island can be reached via ferry in roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes.
During the summer months, June through August, when the island is busy as a tourist destination, the average temperature in Rishirifuji stays below 68°F. Because the temperature varies depending on the weather and time of day, it's recommended that you bring something you can easily throw on and take off, as it's cool and comfortable in the summer as well.
Rishiri Island consists of two towns, Rishirifuji and Rishiri. This article will introduce selected tourist attractions and things to do in Rishirifuji.

Image of Otatomari Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Otatomari Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Located in the southeastern part of the island, Otatomari Marsh is the largest lake on Rishiri Island.
You can see Otatomari Marsh, the most popular tourist attraction on Rishiri Island, starting at 21:54 in the video.
Otatomari Marsh is located on the opposite side of the island from the port of Oshidomari, and can be reached via bus in approximately 35 minutes.

If you visit Otatomari Marsh, we highly recommend a walk along the promenade.
On the well-maintained 1-kilometer long, 30-minute walking trail, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Mt. Rishiri and the seasonal vegetation in the area.
Moreover, if the weather and other conditions are right, you can even see Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri) reflected upside down on the surface of the lake.

The beautiful blue surface of the lake, surrounded by a forest of Sakhalin spruces, is so beautiful that it's no wonder it's called the best tourist attraction on Rishiri Island.
Rishiri Island is known as the area where cherry blossoms bloom the latest in Japan. On the Otatomari Marsh boardwalk, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in early June.

In the video, you can see Otatomari Marsh in its entirety via aerial footage, and you'll be amazed at the natural beauty stretching as far as the eye can see.

Image of Minamihama Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Minamihama Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Around Otatomari Marsh is the largest marshland on Rishiri Island, Numaura Marsh, which has been designated as a Natural Monument by the town of Rishirifuji. The marshland is called "Mikazukinuma" (lit. "Crescent Moon Marsh"), and is said to be a phantom swamp because it can only be seen for a couple months during the winter when there is snow on the ground.

At the rest house in the parking lot of Otatomari Marsh, visitors can purchase snacks made from freshly caught seafood from Rishiri, such as scallops baked in butter and grilled whelks, as well as souvenirs like Rishiri Kombu, the high-quality dried seaweed of Rishiri.

Otatomari Marsh Information
【Address】Numaura Oniwaki, Rishirifuji, Rishiri District, Hokkaido 097-0211
【Telephone】0163-82-2201 (Tourist Information Center in Oshidomari Ferry Terminal)
【Parking】29 cars
【Access】Take the Soya Bus (宗谷バス) bound for Oniwaki (鬼脇) from Oshidomari Port and get off at Otatomari-numa (オタトマリ沼) (approx. 35 mins).

Another popular tourist attraction on Rishiri Island is Hime Marsh (Himenuma Marsh), where visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the natural scenery of the town of Rishirifuji.
Hime Marsh can be seen from 18:00 in the video.

Image of Hime Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Hime Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Hime Marsh is a unique marsh surrounded by nature, located approximately 2 km (1.2 miles) southeast of Oshidomari Port, the gateway to Rishiri Island. A 100-meter walk along a well-maintained promenade from the nearby parking will take you to Hime Marsh.
On the way to the promenade you'll find Memory Bridge (想い出橋) (video 18:17~), a suspension bridge spanning the Omobetsu River, which is surrounded by greenery and has a wonderful atmosphere. The murmur of the river below is therapeutic.

The main attraction of Hime Marsh is the reflection of the upside-down Rishiri Fuji (another name for Mt. Rishiri) on the surface of the pond. From early- to mid-morning is the best time to see the upside-down Rishiri Fuji, as the surface is of the pond is still undisturbed by the sun and there are few waves caused by the wind.
Hime Marsh is also a popular photo spot on Rishiri Island for capturing fantastic photos.

Image of Rishiri Fuji at Hime Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Rishiri Fuji at Hime Marsh, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Hime Marsh, with a circumference of approximately 800 meters (~2,600 ft) and a depth of 2 meters (6.5 ft), is said to be the remains of an explosion crater, and it looks as though the ground has been gouged out.
The lakeside promenade, designated as Himenuma Park, is home to wild birds and plants that will make the 20-minute walk around it a memorable one.
From the Himenuma Observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cape Peshi and Oshidomari Port, which are sure to be an unforgettable part of your trip!

Hime Marsh is an artificial pond made of a small marsh and spring water, which was created about 100 years ago in 1917, and is full of trout that were released into it.
Knowing facts and tidbits of information like this will make your trip to Rishiri Island even more enjoyable.

There are restrooms in the parking lot and a store in front of Hime Marsh, making it a great place for cyclists to take a break during their trip to Rishiri Island.

Hime Marsh Information
【Address】Wannai Oshidomari, Rishirifuji, Rishiri District, Hokkaido 097-0101
【Operation Period】May-October
【Telephone】0163-82-2201 (Tourist Information Center in Oshidomari Ferry Terminal)
【Parking】16 cars
【Access】Take the Soya Bus (宗谷バス) bound for Oniwaki (鬼脇) from Oshidomari Port, get off at Himenuma-guchi (姫沼口) (5 min.), and walk 30-40 minutes.

Image of Shiroi Koibito no Oka, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Shiroi Koibito no Oka, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Shiroi Koibito no Oka (White Lover's Hill) (video 20:40) is a new tourist attraction in Rishirifuji that was created in 2014. It's a 35-minute bus ride from Oshidomari Port, a 15-minute walk from Otatomari Marsh, and is located on the coast across Route 108 from Otatomari Marsh.

The official name of Shiroi Koibito no Oka is "Numaura Observatory." From the hill, you can see Mt. Rishiri over Otatomari Marsh, the Numaura Coast on the ocean side, and mainland of Hokkaido beyond the magnificent Sea of Japan, providing a spectacular panoramic view of the island. It's a must-see view when visiting Rishiri Island.

Shiroi Koibito no Oka (White Lover's Hill) is depicted on the package of "Shiroi Koibito," a delicious cookie and popular souvenir from Hokkaido. The picture on the package of the cookies is a depiction of a snow-covered Mt. Rishiri seen from this area.

Shiroi Koibito is a western-style confectionery made of chocolate sandwiched between crispy cookies and sold by Ishiya, a confectionery manufacturer in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and is one of the most popular souvenirs in Hokkaido, selling approximately 200 million pieces annually since 1976.

If you propose on Shiroi Koibito no Oka and bring a photo taken there to the Rishirifuji Tourism Association office at Oshidomari Ferry Terminal, you'll receive a proposal certificate officially approved by Ishiya, the manufacturer of Shiroi Koibito.
It will be a treasured memory of your travels in Hokkaido and a lifetime memory for you and your partner.

Shiroi Koibito no Oka Information
【Address】Rishirifuji, Rishiri District, Hokkaido 097-0211
【Operation Period】May-October
【Telephone】0163-82-1114 (Rishirifuji Industry, Commerce, and Tourism Promotion Division)
【Parking】10 cars
【Access】Take the Soya Bus (宗谷バス) bound for Oniwaki (鬼脇) from Oshidomari Port, get off at Otatomari-numa (オタトマリ沼) (approx. 35 mins).

The video shows a woman on a trip to Rishiri Island who tours the island while cycling from one attraction to the next.

Rishiri Island is known as one of the best cycling spots in Japan. Cycling on Rishiri Island through the beautiful natural scenery of Hokkaido while feeling the pleasant breeze of northern Japan is an experience that will make you oblivious to the passing of time and help wash away your fatigue.
Cyclists gather from all over Japan to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery of Hokkaido.

Image of cycling, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Image of cycling, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

The following is a list of recommended cycling courses on Rishiri Island:
・Rishiri Saikuru Road (利尻・彩くるロード)
・Rishiri Fuji Green Line (利尻富士グリーンライン)
・Rishiri Island Blue Line (利尻島絶景ブルーライン)

Here are the characteristics of each course.

The course is enjoyable for beginners as there are relatively few major ups and downs, but it is suitable for those who are confident in their physical strength as it circles the island's approximately 60-kilometer (~37.3 miles) circumference. A 24.9 km (15.5 miles) bicycle path is provided along the course, and you can rent a bicycle in Oshidomari to start your cycling tour. If you ride clockwise, you can ride along the west coast in the evening, and you may be able to see a beautiful sunset. The course will take about 7 hours if you ride at a speed of 8 km/h (5 mph) while slowly taking in the natural scenery, so it's recommended that you leave around 9:00 a.m. to return before the sun sets.

During your cycling tour, you can visit the following tourist attractions on Rishiri Island.

Image of a beautiful sunset, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:A beautiful sunset, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Rishiri Saikuru Road Course
Oshidomari Ferry Terminal → Rishirifuji Onsen → Wannai Ohashi Bridge (湾内大橋) → Hime Marsh → Oniwaki → Shiroi Koibito no Oka → Otatomari Marsh → Minamihama Marsh → Senhoshimisaki Park → Reiho Yusui (麗峰湧水) → Itsukushima Benten Shrine of the North (北のいつくしま弁天宮) → Neguma no Iwa/Jinmen Iwa (寝熊の岩・人面岩) → Kamui Kaigan Park → Rishiri Athletic Park (利尻町運動公園) → Rishiri Forest Park (利尻町森林公園) → Fujino Park (富士野園地) (video 7:13) → Yuhigaoka Observatory → Rishirifuji Onsen and Footbath (利尻富士温泉・足湯) → Oshidomari Ferry Terminal
Image of Rishiri Saikuru Road cycling map
Photo:Rishiri Saikuru Road cycling map

A short course for families to enjoy the streets of Rishirifuji with a total distance of 6.5 km (4 miles) and taking approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. You can stop at popular tourist spots in Rishirifuji in the northern part of Rishiri Island, such as the Yuhigaoka Observatory where you can see a beautiful sunset over the Sea of Japan and Rebun Island, Umi no Eki Oshidomari (video 4:45), and the Cape Peshi Observatory (Lighthouse of Love).

Rishirifuji Green Line Course
Oshidomari Ferry Terminal → Rishirifuji Onsen → Fujino Park (video 7:13~) → Izumi no Fukuroma → Oshidomari Ferry Terminal
Image of Rishiri Fuji Green Line cycling map
Photo:Rishiri Fuji Green Line cycling map

A casual, easygoing cycling course that takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete and covers a total distance of 18 km (~11.2 miles), taking cyclists around popular tourist attractions in the town of Rishirifuji in the northern part of Rishiri Island.
A bicycle path is maintained for bicycles only, so you can enjoy a safe cycling tour.

Depending on the season, you can see people fishing from the shoreline, as well as kelp laid out in rows to dry with Rishiri Fuji in the backdrop, a view that is unique to this port town. From Wanai Ohashi Bridge (湾内大橋), you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the blue sea and Mt. Rishiri.

Image of Cape Peshi, cycling course
Photo:Cape Peshi, cycling course
Image of kelp being laid out to dry
Photo:Kelp being laid out to dry
Rishiri Island Blue Line Course
Oshidomari Ferry Terminal → Nozuka Observatory → Hime Marsh → Wanai Ohashi Bridge → Rishirifuji Onsen → Oshidomari Ferry Terminal
Image of Rishiri Island Blue Line Course cycling map
Photo:Rishiri Island Blue Line Course cycling map

In late August, the Rishiri Island Fureai Cycling Tour (利尻島一周ふれあいサイクリング) is held. Rishiri Island residents and cycling enthusiasts from all over Japan participate in this event because they can enjoy the beautiful views of Rishiri Island and experience the nature of the island firsthand. This is an event where you can ride a bicycle around the island with many other participants while experiencing the island's charms to the fullest.

Image of the Rishiri Island Fureai Cycling Tour
Photo:Rishiri Island Fureai Cycling Tour

Before you start cycling, be sure to pick up a cycling map. The map is a detailed guide to the entire cycling course on Rishiri Island, so it will not only help you choose the right course, but also ensure that you don't get lost along the way. Please rest assured that you can have an enjoyable cycling tour, as there are bike stands, tools, and air tanks available at various locations on Rishiri Island.

If you're looking to enjoy a casual cycling experience on Rishiri Island, we recommend using the rental bicycles. Some inns rent bicycles exclusively to guests, so be sure to check with them in advance if you wish to use one.

Electric bicycles are also available for rent, so those lacking confidence in their physical strength or those who have never cycled for long periods of time need not worry. Prices for rental bicycles range from approximately 1,500 yen to 3,000 yen ($10 to $20 USD) per day.

When cycling on Rishiri Island, please keep in mind that the course around Rishiri Island is quite long, taking about 7 hours to complete, so it's important to pay attention to your physical condition as well as your equipment. Also, as the island coexists with nature, be sure to act in a manner that respects the natural environment.

When visiting Hokkaido, there's plenty of things to do that allow you to enjoy the natural wonders of the island.

Image of a starry sky on Rishiri Island
Photo:A starry sky on Rishiri Island

This remote location, far from the city, offers an unparalleled view of the starry night sky as far as the eye can see. It's a bucket list experience in Hokkaido, where you can fall asleep with a smile on your face.
Because there is little light pollution on Rishiri Island, you can enjoy an extraordinary time seeing the Milky Way and watching shooting stars.

There are five campgrounds on Rishiri Island, and this article will introduce Family Campsite Yuni (ファミリーキャンプ場ゆ~に), located in the town of Rishirifuji.

Located in Rishirifuji Amenity Park (利尻富士町アメニティパーク), a 5-minute drive from Oshidomari Port, Family Campsite Yuni is across the street from Rishirifuji Onsen (Rishirifuji Spa), the northernmost natural hot spring in Japan.
This campground is popular among campers who seek the to enjoy an open-air hot spring while camping.

At Family Campsite Yuni, there are bungalows and cottages available, and there are plenty of rental items, including tents and sleeping bags. You can also purchase supplies such as charcoal and barbecue equipment, so you and your friends or family can visit empty handed.

From the campground, you can see the summit of Mt. Rishiri, making it a popular place to stay before or after hiking the mountain.
The campground is relatively new and clean, and reservations are not required for tent sites, making it a convenient place to enjoy the outdoors.

Image of Family Campsite Yuni, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Family Campsite Yuni, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Family Campsite Yuni Information
【Address】Sakaemachi Oshidomari, Rishirifuji, Rishiri District, Hokkaido 097-0101
【Operation Period】May 1 - October 31
【Parking】29 cars
【Admission Fee】Adults: 520 yen, Elementary school students and younger: 310 yen ※As of June, 2023.

Image of outdoor baths at Rishirifuji Onsen, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Outdoor baths at Rishirifuji Onsen, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Rishirifuji Onsen, located across the street from Family Campsite Yuni, is a famous hot spring on Rishiri Island that attracts some 60,000 visitors a year.
If you're going to the nearby Family Campsite Yuni, we highly recommend checking it out, as it's a fun experience on Rishiri Island.

The open-air bath with a view of Mt. Rishiri and the ocean is a special treat for tired bodies.
The sunset over the Sea of Japan and the starry night sky make the open-air bath the ultimate experience.
After enjoying the open-air baths, you can sample the famous "Kanro Sensui," a famous spring water from Rishirifuji.

Relaxing in open-air baths while enjoying a view of Mt. Rishiri will help wash away the fatigue from your trip.

Rishirifuji Onsen Information
【Address】Sakaemachi-227-7 Oshidomari, Rishirifuji, Rishiri District, Hokkaido 097-0101
【Hours】Noon - 9:00 pm

For those looking for even more things to do on Rishiri Island, we recommend trying out marine activities, such as sea kayaking tours and SUP (Stand up paddleboarding) (video 13:20~).

Image of sea kayaking, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Sea kayaking, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Surrounded by the sea, Rishiri Island features many surfing spots that can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced surfers alike, making it a popular surfing spot in Japan.

Photo:Surfing, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Rishiri Yu-Yu Running is a 53.67-km (33.3 mile) round-the-island marathon that can be completed in less than 10 hours. It's a popular event with a course that allows participants to enjoy views of the sea and Mt. Rishiri during their run.
Around June, when the event is held, the average temperature is a comfortable 13°C to 15°C (55°F to 59°F), making it a pleasant race.

After working up a sweat while enjoying nature, you'll receive a hot spring ticket useable at Rishirifuji Onsen, and transportation will be provided so that you can relax in the hot springs after the marathon.

Image of Rishiri Yu-Yu Running marathon, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Rishiri Yu-Yu Running marathon, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Image of Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri), Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri), Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Mt. Rishiri, the northernmost of Japan's "100 Famous Japanese Mountains," stands at 1,721 meters (5,646 feet) above sea level in the center of Rishiri Island. Although its official name is Mt. Rishiri, it's often called Rishiri Fuji (not to be confused with the town Rishirifuji) for its beautifully conical silhouette reminiscent of Mt. Fuji. It's also known for its abundance of alpine flora, many of which are unique to this area.

The Oshidomari Hiking Trail is a well-maintained trail, so beginners can hike up the mountain with relative ease. That being said, it's a 5-to-6-hour ascent and a 3-to-4-hour descent, making it an all-day affair, so it's recommended that those who are not confident in their stamina do not attempt the hike.

The greatest attraction of this day-long climb up Mt. Rishiri is the view from the summit.
Rishiri Island itself is a mountain, and the summit offers an amazing panoramic view of the island. The view can only be seen by those who reach the summit of Mt. Rishiri, but it's well worth the climb.

Image of remaining snow on Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri)
Photo:Remaining snow on Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri)

・Early June
The average temperature at the summit in early June is 6.4°C (43.5°F), and crampons may be required at the summit due to lingering snow

・Early July
The average temperature at the summit in early July is 9°C to 12°C (48.2°F to 53.6°F); and crowds and congestion often occur during the peak of climbing tour season.

・Late August - Early September
In late August and early September, the minimum temperature can drop below freezing, so be sure to bring cold weather gear.
During the climbing season, it's warm with alpine plants in full bloom, and the carpet of flowers that spreads across the mountain has earned led to it being recognized as one of the best places to see mountain flowers in Japan.

Mt. Rishiri is a popular climbing spot visited by about 10,000 climbers annually, and there are two hiking trails located on the mountain: the Oshidomari Hiking Trail and the Kutsugata Hiking Trail. It's recommended that you start with the Oshidomari Hiking Trail, which is appropriate for beginners and intermediate hikers. There was a third trail, the former Oniwaki Hiking Trail, but it has been closed due to hazards.

The trailhead is about 60 minutes on foot from Oshidomari Port at Rishiri Hokuroku Campsite (利尻北麓野営場) where there is also a hiking trail for Mt. Pon (ポン山, Pon Yama). Since there are no buses running early in the morning, care must be taken when going to the trailhead. It's best to find a guest house that can provide transportation to the trailhead.

At the 3rd station, you'll find Kanro Sensui (甘露泉水) (video 9:59), the only source of water on Mt. Rishiri, which has been selected as one of Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters.
The water from Kanro Sensui, which is subsoil water from Mt. Rishiri, is characterized by its mild sweetness. It's an oasis for climbers of Mt. Rishiri to quench their thirst.
From the 5th station, the trail continues gently uphill through the trees, but from the 6th station, the incline gradually increases. From the 9th station, the trail converges with the Kutsugata Hiking Trail, and the footholds on the way to the summit become worse, so ropes are placed at dangerous spots.

The Kutsugata Hiking Trail is shorter than the Oshidomari Hiking Trail, but is more difficult due to its steeper incline and is therefore recommended for advanced climbers. The trailhead is located at the Mikaeridai Park, approximately 500 meters (1,640 ft) above sea level, and the trailhead is the 5th station.
After the 8th station, the incline increases toward Mt. Sancho (三眺山), and the difficulty persists beyond this point. From the 9th station, the trail converges with the Oshidomari Hiking Trail.

By having a veteran guide or a guide with expertise accompanying you, you can enjoy hiking with peace of mind while receiving advice on climbing etiquette and route selection, as well as an explanation of the alpine flora.

Image of hikers on Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri)
Photo:Hikers on Rishiri Fuji (Mt. Rishiri)

Because the weather on Mt. Rishiri can change abruptly, windproof and waterproof jackets, warm innerwear, and a hat/helmet to protect your head are a must. In addition, non-slip hiking shoes are recommended for a safe ascent. The huts on Mt. Rishiri were built as refuge huts and are not lodging facilities, so they cannot be used for overnight stays and can only be used for napping or in the case of an emergency.

As the number of climbers increases year after year, the alpine flora has been damaged by ill-mannered climbers who walk outside of the designated trails, trampling the alpine flora and reducing the size of the colonies. Trails near the summit are so bare that they crumble at the touch of a finger. Because of this, rules have been established on Mt. Rishiri to ensure that each and every climber behaves in a manner that is respectful of the natural environment.

Mt. Rishiri Climbing Rules
1. Use portable toilets
2. Use rubber tips on hiking poles (to prevent damage to vegetation)
3. Do not sit or step on the vegetation

Please follow these rules and enjoy a safe and enjoyable climb up Mt. Rishiri.

Image of Rishiri Island sea urchin, Hokkaido
Photo:Rishiri Island sea urchin, Hokkaido

Rishiri Island is known not only for its tourist attractions and spectacular natural scenery, but also for its mouthwatering seafood.
The smooth texture and unique flavor of the locally caught sea urchin is to die for! It's a treat for any foody traveling to Japan!

Sea urchin caught locally in Rishirifuji is one of the most highly regarded gastronomic delicacies in all of Japan thanks to the depth of its flavor. Its sweet and rich flavor are truly unforgettable. After you've tried it, you'll be craving a second helping.

What makes the sea urchin of Rishiri Island so exquisite you ask? The reason for this is that the waters around Rishiri Island are rich in nutrients caused by the collision of warm and cold currents. In addition, the sea urchins grow on high-grade Rishiri Kombu kelp, which is rich in nutrients from the undersea spring water flowing from Mt. Rishiri.

Approximately 40% of all domestic sea urchins in Japan are caught in Hokkaido. Rishiri Island is home to two species of sea urchin, called "nona" and "ganze," and sea urchin fishing is regulated to maintain the population.

Image of ganze and nona sea urchin
Photo:Left: ganze sea urchin, Right: nona sea urchin

The opening of the season for the sea urchins differs, with the opening of the season for ganze sea urchins being June 1 and the opening of the season for nona sea urchins being on June 10. Both are in season until the end of August and have a mellow flavor.

Nona sea urchins have short spines on the outside and are dark orange inside. They are much rarer and more valuable than ganze sea urchins because of their rich and delicious flavor and sweetness.
On the other hand, the ganze sea urchin has long, purplish spines, is larger than the nona sea urchin, and is characterized by its elegant sweetness.

Image of ganze and nona sea urchin bowl
Photo:Ganze and nona sea urchin bowl

In Rishirifuji, you can enjoy sea urchin bowls with either one of the two types of sea urchin, or a combined seafood bowl where you can compare their flavor. Sea urchin is made with the food additive "alum" (ミョウバン, "myouban" in Japanese) to keep it clean longer, but it causes bitterness and spoils the original taste of the sea urchin. Therefore, please try to find sea urchin that does not contain alum.
From 26:51 in the video, you can see the woman traveling to Rishiri Island eating two kinds of fresh sea urchin.

Image of the Rishirifuji Sea Urchin Festival, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Rishirifuji Sea Urchin Festival, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Rishirifuji also hosts an annual event in which the sea urchin plays a leading role.
The Rishirifuji Sea Urchin Festival (うにうにフェスティバル) is held every year on August 11 at the Rishirifuji Community Center parking lot.

Image of grilled nona sea urchin, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Grilled nona sea urchin, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

At the food and beverage corner, you can find grilled sea urchin, sea urchin bowls, sea urchin soup, and fresh scallops and octopus caught in Rishiri.
The Sea Urchin Cracking Contest (ウニむき大会) for elementary school students and the Sea Urchin Speed-eating Contest (ウニの早食い大会) are just a few of the local events that make for a day full of sea urchin fun.

Kamui Kaigan Park also organizes a sea urchin fishing experience (video 24:30). You can crack open the sea urchin you've caught yourself and enjoy them as fresh as they come!

For those residing in Japan, Rishiri Island's sea urchin is also a Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax) tax return gift, so you can enjoy fresh sea urchin from Rishiri Island anywhere in Japan by utilizing this system.

In addition to sea urchin, Rishiri Island also offers a variety of must-try seafood delicacies that you don't want to miss! If you're a seafood lover, be sure to try scallops, mackerel, Hokkai Shrimp, Rishiri Kombu kelp, and more.

Image of butter baked scallops
Photo:Butter baked scallops

From 37:37 in the video, you can see some of the delicious seafood dishes at an izakaya.

If you're looking to commemorate your trip to Rishiri Island, there are a number of souvenirs you can purchase to do so. You can find various souvenirs made from Rishiri Kombu, a famous, dried kelp made locally on Rishiri Island.
Here, we'll introduce some popular souvenirs made using Rishiri Kombu.

Rishiri Kombu Soy Sauce
This soy sauce is made using the famous Rishiri Kombu. It has a deep flavor and brings out the best in the ingredients it's paired with.

Rishiri Kombu Ramen
This popular ramen, which has even been featured on tv, has noodles kneaded with Rishiri Kombu and an exquisite, flavorful broth.

In addition, there are many other souvenirs, such as cup soup, kombu sake, and authentic shochu (a distilled Japanese liquor) with which you can enjoy the delicious flavors of Rishiri.
Souvenirs can be purchased at the stores in the ferry terminal of Oshidomari Port. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Image of various souvenirs using Rishiri Kombu, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Various souvenirs using Rishiri Kombu, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

Rishiri Island can be accessed by air or ferry. Here is how you can get to Rishiri Island.

There are two routes to Rishiri Island by plane.
Both flights are once-a-day, round trip flights and are approximately 50 minutes long.

◎ New Chitose Airport → Rishiri Airport: Approximately 50 min.
◎ Sapporo Okadama Airport → Rishiri Airport: Approximately 50 min.

Please note that flights from New Chitose Airport are only available during the summer season (June to September).

Image of Rishiri Airport, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido
Photo:Rishiri Airport, Rishiri Island, Hokkaido

To get to Rishiri Island via ferry, it's a 1 hour and 40-to-50-minute ride from Wakkanai (Wakkanai Ferry Terminal) to Oshidomari Ferry Terminal on Rishiri Island.

Fares vary by seat when using the ferry.
[2nd Class Cabin] 2,770 yen - Carpeted open space
[1st Class Island View Seat] 5,400 yen - All windows have a view of the ocean and you can enjoy views of both Mt. Rishiri and Rebun Island.
[Special Rooms] 20,000 yen - Small private rooms for families and groups.

In addition, there are kids' rooms and a baby room collaborating with Pokémon, the first of its kind in the ferry industry, equipped with diaper changing sheets, so that passengers with small children can enjoy the cruise with peace of mind.
※Fees current as of June 2023.

Since this is a ferry, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. can be transported as well, so you can visit Rishiri Island and travel around as you please. Please check the Heart Land Ferry official website for information regarding fares, rates, timetables, etc.

Inside Oshidomari Ferry Terminal, there is a tourist information center, souvenir shops, and restaurants open for lunch where you can enjoy the flavors of Rishiri Island, including fresh sea urchin bowls and Rishiri ramen, so be sure to drop in and grab a bite to eat here.

Image of a ferry
Photo:Wakkanai Ferry Terminal - Oshidomari Ferry Terminal, Heartland Ferry

When traveling to Rishiri Island, a place full of attractions, we recommend a course that will take you around the entire island. In addition to renting a bicycle, you can also rent mopeds and cars, or utilize buses and taxis.

Rishirifuji also offers a variety of lodging facilities, including hotels, minshuku (Japanese-style bed and breakfasts), and campgrounds, so you can choose the one that best fits your travel style and budget. Don't forget to utilize the hot springs to relax after a long day of traveling as well!

A trip to Rishiri Island guarantees an unforgettable adventure with delicious seafood and beautiful natural scenery.

At the end of the video at 43:19, we can see the words of the woman, and the captions read:
I'll come visit you again...
My favorite place...
Rishiri Island

A trip to Rishiri Island will no doubt leave you feeling the same.

The spectacular natural scenery, fresh seafood, and the hospitality of the local people make each and every encounter on Rishiri Island a deep and irreplaceable experience.
We invite you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and travel to northern Japan for a chance to experience the wealth that is Rishiri Island.

Image of people on Rishiri Island seeing off a large ferry
Photo:A ferry send off at Oshidomari Ferry Terminal

We hope you enjoyed this Rishiri Island Travel guide! Be sure to use it for your trip to Rishiri Island!

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Last Updated : Jul. 5, 2023
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Rishiri Island in Rishiri-gun, Hokkaido is a remote island rich in nature that can be reached directly by ferry from Wakkanai! Enjoy the summer on Rishiri Island by climbing Mt. Rishiri, cycling, and other activities, as well as enjoying fresh sea urchins, a specialty of Rishiri, and other local seafood!
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