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Let's watch a sightseeing video of Northern Hokkaido!

This time, we'll be taking a look at the video "'Welcome to DOHOKU Winter,' a PR Video for Northern Hokkaido" (道北地域プロモーション動画「Welcome to DOHOKU Winter」), released by "Asahikawa City Hall."

Asahikawa, Nayoro, Shibetsu, and other parts of north central Hokkaido are areas where temperatures can drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter.
Despite this, many people visit the northern area of Hokkaido to enjoy sightseeing unique to the harsh winter season.

Asahikawa and the Northern Hokkaido Region

Image of wolves at Asahiyama Zoo, Hokkaido, Japan
Photo:Wolves at Asahiyama Zoo, Hokkaido, Japan

Asahikawa, Hokkaido is a core city that boasts the second largest population in Hokkaido after Sapporo City.
The city is characterized by a large difference in temperature, with an annual difference of more than 50 degrees Celsius.
In addition to Asahikawa's popular Asahiyama Zoo, there are spots such as Ueno Farm and the Arashiyama Observatory in the Northern Hokkaido region.

Be sure to check out the Nayoro Observatory Kitasubaru, Kamui Kotan, and the Ayako Miura Memorial Literature Museum.
For shopping, we recommend the convenient "AEON MALL Asahikawa Ekimae," which is directly connected to the glass-faced station building.
There is also an entertainment district called "Sanroku-gai" in Northern Hokkaido.

Activities To Enjoy in Northern Hokkaido

Image of curling

As you can see from 0:36 in the video, there are not only ski resorts where you can going skiing and snowboarding, but also places where you can experience curling in Northern Hokkaido.
In the snowy mountains where you can enjoy the scenery of nature, you can see owls and the Japanese serow, as shown from 2:40.

At Hyobaku Shrine in the Sounkyo Visitor Center area of Daisetsuzan National Park, the "Sounkyo Onsen Hyobaku Festival" is held in winter and is usually bustling with visitors.
In Furano, you can enjoy a walk through the flower fields and a paraglider sky walk tour in the summer.

Enjoy the Delicious Food of Northern Hokkaido, Shown in the Video

Image of Asahikawa Ramen, Hokkaido
Photo:Asahikawa Ramen, Hokkaido

In the northern Hokkaido area, you will want to enjoy the delicious local delicacies from the sea and the mountains.

Enjoy Jingisukan (a Japanese grilled mutton dish) that can be eaten at "Yagitsukai-no-Ie," Asahikawa Ramen at "Asahikawa Ramen-Mura," and coffee at "Coffee Mori-no-Tokei".
you can also enjoy exquisite sake at the Otokoyama Sake Brewing Museum.

Summary of the Northern Area of Hokkaido

Image of snowboarding

This time, we introduced the charming Northern Hokkaido area.
Because Hokkaido is very large, we recommend using Asahikawa Airport for transportation to northern Hokkaido, including places like Asahikawa.

There are many hotels and hot spring inns in the Northern Hokkaido area, including Hoshino Resorts, where you can enjoy a luxurious stay, so we recommend making reservation before your trip!

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Last Updated : Dec. 8, 2022
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Take a Trip to Hokkaido's Northern Region, One of Japan's Most Popular Tourist Spots! The Area Around Asahikawa City in Hokkaido Is Full Of Activities, Including Skiing, Curling, and the Fantastical Sounkyo Onsen Ice Fall Festival!
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