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A world just like the one in the movie “Frozen”! Introducing the “Snow Crystal Museum” in Hokkaido!

Before we begin, please watch the video [A snow princess, “Asahikawa museum reminding of the movie Frozen(雪のプリンセス 旭川の美術館「アナ雪に似てる」と人気に)” ] uploaded by “Mainichi Newspaper” posted above. Feel the atmosphere just like in “Frozen.” The atmosphere covers the entire museum.

The movie “Frozen” is a popular Disney movie was released in 2013. And the fantastical museum in Hokkaido has recently attracted a lot of attention, mainly on SNS, as it is just like in the movie “Frozen.”

What kind of tourist spot is the Snow Crystal Museum?

The Snow Crystal Museum in Asahikawa, Hokkaido was built in 1991, with the image of snow crystals in mind. The spiral staircase at 0:26 in the video has garnered a lot of attentions on social media platforms.

People began making comments on review websites saying that the view in the museum reminded them of the castle in the movie “Frozen.” Since then, the annual number of visitors suddenly jumped to 80,000!

A princess experience at the “Snow Crystal Museum”.

You can rent the gorgeous dresses and transform yourself into a princess at the Snow Crystal Museum in Hokkaido.It feels even more surreal when you take a picture at the castle entrance reminiscent of medieval Europe, or in the frozen corridors. If you're interested in the princess experience, please check out 0:52 in the video to see what it's like.

Besides the photogenic, sparkling stained glass sector, there's also a theater, a resource center, a cafe, restaurants and a gift store are available.

The “Snow Crystal Museum” is also a perfect place for a wedding!

This museum is also suitable for a wedding, wedding photo venue, or various other events.
Thanks to Hoshino resort and other hotels in the area, it makes for a very convenient location for visitors.

An overview of Hokkaido's “Snow Crystal Museum”.

As shown in the video, the Snow Crystal Museum in Hokkaido is a popular Instagram spot as well. The facility has many features that a strikingly similar to the castle in “Frozen.” Asahikawa Zoo is another popular tourist spot in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, so try and stop by the Snow Crystal Museum after your visit to the zoo (or vice versa).

If you like the movie “Frozen,” or you were fascinated by the video, please visit the Snow Crystal Museum in Hokkaido!

◆Snow Crystal Museum◆
【Address】 3-1-1 Minamigaoka, Asahikawa, Hokkaido
【Operating Hours】9am - 5pm
【Entrance fee】Adult 800 yen, High school and University students 600 yen, Elementary, Middle school students 500 yen, over 65 400 yen
【Access】15 minutes by bus from JR Asahikawa Station, 10 minutes by car from Hokkaido Express way Asahikawa Takasu Interchange.
【Parking】 Available (Free)
【Telephone No】0166-736-7017

【Tripadvisor】Snow Crystal Museum

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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A Popular Castle, Just Like in the Movie
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