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A Kimono Exhibition Held at Museum in London. Unraveling the Japanese Kimono Culture That Has Taken the West by Storm!
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Traveling in Japan for the First Time Is Easy With a Translator! As Long as You Have This, You Can Easily Experience Kimono Rental, Gourmet Food, and Sightseeing All by Yourself!
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The World of Kimono in Monotone. Enjoy the Collection of Beautiful Kimono!
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This video is titled "RENTING KIMONO + IMPERIAL PALACE." It was produced by PeachMilky.

In this video, you can see PeachyMilky trying on a kimono at a kimono rental service.
At the kimono rental shop in Asakusa, you can rent a kimono for sightseeing.
In the latter half of the video, you can see Chidorigafuchi, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward.

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Sep. 15, 2020
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
Sightseeing in a Rental Kimono! From Kimono Selection to Dressing up! Stroll the Streets of Japan in Traditional Japanese Clothing!
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