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Introducing the Self-Supporting Motorcycle, Honda Riding Assist

The video "Video Explanation [Honda Riding Assist]" (動画で解説「Honda Riding Assist」), uploaded by "nikkeibp," introduces the the Honda Riding Assist developed by Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Honda Motor Company.

Enjoy the amazing features of the futuristic motorcycle!

What is Honda Riding Assist?

Honda Riding Assist is a motorcycle that can stand on its own when running at low speeds and when stopped.
The electric motor moves the front wheel from side to side to balance.
From 0:17 in the video, you can see the motorcycle standing its own. The rider even stands up!

This is an appication of the robotics technology and humanoid robotics research developed for ASIMO and other products.
Normally, motorcycles lean in the direction the handlebar is turned, but the motorcycle developed by Honda leans in the opposite direction to counteract the imbalance.
This is thanks to the movement of the front wheel.
At low speeds, the front wheels slide forward and the ground contact point moves in front of the turning point.
When driving normally, the center of gravity shifts in the direction the handlebar is turned, but at low speeds, the turning point is behind the contact point and the center of gravity shifts in the opposite direction to where the handlebar is turned.
This makes it possible for the motorcycle to balance on its own.
You can see an explanation from 0:34 in the video.

There are currently no plans to sell the Honda Riding Assist.

The Technology of the Honda Riding Assist

The Honda Riding Assist was developed to provide stability at low speed and to improve riding comfort and security during traffic and when stopped.
By adopting "e-Drive" it is also eco-friendly and carbon-free, which is Honda's vision for the future.

They announced the self-support "Honda Riding Assist" motorcycle at “CES2017” in January 2017, and in the same year, they announced “Honda Riding Assist-E” at the Tokyo Motor Show. Everyone was surprised to see the handle turning automatically.

Walking With Honda Riding Assist Motorcycle

Because the motorcycle works without a rider, it can self-propel and move around as if going for a walk.
At 2:16 in the video, you can see the bike following behind the rider.

Technologies like this help to reduce the risk of accidents and lead to safer touring.

The Future of the Honda Riding Assist

With the self-support function introduced in the video, we could even begin to see motorcycles that can be enjoyed by those with disabilities and the elderly.

e-Drive, the power train, is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can also function as a power source during disasters.


What did you think of the Honda Riding Assist, a futuristic free-standing motorcycle developed by Honda Motors?

The technology featured in this article has the ability to change the future of motorcycles forever.
Currently, there are no plans to sell this motorcycle, but if they do, what do you think it'll go for? Keep your eyes peeled for news about the Honda Riding Assist!

【Official Website】Honda Riding Assist:

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The Self-Supporting Motorcycle, Honda Riding Assist, Is the Future of Motorcycles! Its Futuristic Features Will Blow Your Mind!
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