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A Video on the "Kissing Tunnel" of Wajima, Ishikawa!

This video, titled "[4K] Find Love at the "Kissing Tunnel," a Sacred Place for Lovers: Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture|" (【4K】恋人の聖地「せっぷんとんねる」で恋の成就を願う:石川県輪島市|, was uploaded by ""
It introduces the "Kissing Tunnel," a sacred place for lovers in Wajima, Ishikawa.
The Kissing Tunnel is a tunnel next to the cave Fuku ga Ana in Wajima, Ishikawa.
It is a small hand-dug tunnel located on the Nami-no-Hanamichi promenade on the Sosogi Coast, and is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Wajima, Ishikawa!

Image of the Kissing Tunnel, Wajima, Ishikawa
Photo:The Kissing Tunnel, Wajima, Ishikawa

The Toho movie "Bokyaku no Hanabira" (The Forgotten Flower Petal) released in 1957 was filmed here, and in it the two lovers met at this tunnel at dusk to confirm their love, thus leading to it being called the "Kissing Tunnel" and becoming a popular tourist attraction.
In 2011, it was recognized as a "Lover's Sanctuary" by the "Lover's Sanctuary" Selection Committee.
It is said that if two people pass through this tunnel (commonly known as the "Happiness Zone") together, their love will be fulfilled.
The signboard at the entrance of the Kissing Tunnel can be seen at 0:18 in the video.

At the end of the tunnel sits a statue of Acala, the wisdom king of Buddhism, where many ascetic practitioners have prayed for happiness.
It is full of chi that is said to grant people's wishes, and Goen no Izumi (御縁之泉, The Spring of Destiny) inside the cave is also known as a power spot.
There are also other power spots around the Kissing Tunnel, such as Madoiwa "Window Rock," which offers a spectacular view.

The Kissing Tunnel is lit up, and the illumination of the heart mark is very romantic.
It's a great place to visit with your significant other.
If you take a picture with the illuminated heart mark in the background it'll look great on Instagram as well!
Behind the tunnel, there is a mountain road leading up Mt. Iwakura, and "Sentai Jizo," a rock formation that resembles a thousand jizo statues, stands at around 170 meters above sea level.
It is said that the Sentai Jizo was carved by a god of nature and is said to bring blessings for children.
Mt. Iwakura, a sacred mountain in Okunoto, is home to Iwakura-dera Temple, an ancient sacred site dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion.
The whole area of Mt. Iwakura, including the tunnel, where the power of the gods and Buddha converge, is a major power spot.

At the Kissing Tunnel, visitors can also see the "Nami no Hana" (flowerlike patterns on waves in the Japan Sea), a scenic view of Noto during winter.
From mid-November to late February, the tall, rough waves of the Sea of Japan cause the mucus of phytoplankton floating in the seawater to hit the rocks and form white bubbles that contain air.
This sea foam is called "Nami no Hana" (lit. "wave flowers") in Japanese.

Tourist Attractions Around Wajima, Ishikawa, Where the "Kissing Tunnel" Is Located

Image of Wajima Morning Market
Photo:Wajima Morning Market

The area around Noto, Ishikawa, where the "Kissing Tunnel" is located, is home to many popular tourist attractions.

Here, we'll introduce some of them:
・Manura Pocket Park near Mado-iwa (Window Rock) is located on the Sosogi Coast. It offers spectacular views of the cliffs
・Wajima Morning Market is one of the three major morning markets in Japan, along with Katsuura Morning Market in Katsuura, Chiba, and Miyagawa Morning Market in Takayama, Gifu
Shiroyone Senmaida is one of the Top 100 Terraced Rice Fields of Japan and is designated as a National Cultural Property and a Place of Scenic Beauty
・Noto's Satoyama-Satoumi, a World Agricultural Heritage
Wajima Kiriko Art Museum - A facility that exhibits the kiriko floats used in the Noto Kiriko Festival, which has been recognized as a Japanese Heritage site
Tarumi Falls - A waterfall that cascades directly from the mountain to the sea with a drop of approximately 35 meters
・Wajima Kobo Nagaya, a workshop where you can experience making maki-e chopsticks, and the Kuroshima District, an area with beautiful black-tiled roofs registered under Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings
Twin Bridge Noto - A cable-stayed bridge connecting the Nakajima and Notojima areas in Nanao, Ishikawa

Image of Notojima and Notojima Bridge, Ishikawa Prefecture
Photo:Notojima and Notojima Bridge, Ishikawa Prefecture

Notojima Bridge, the longest bridge in Ishikawa Prefecture
Yase Cliff - A precipitous cliff that was the setting for Seicho Matsumoto's masterpiece "Zero Focus"
・Wakura Onsen - A hot spring with a long history, said to have been in operation for 1,200 years
Hatago Iwa, which gave birth to the legend of the god of weaving, is one of Noto's representative unusual rock formations
・The Tsukumo Bay Promenade allows visitors to enjoy walking along Tsukumo Bay on the east side of the Noto Peninsula

We encourage you to check out these attractions when visiting Noto, Ishikawa.

Summary of the "Kissing Tunnel" of Wajima, Ishikawa

This article introduced the Kissing Tunnel of Wajima, Ishikawa.
To get to the Kissing Tunnel, drive from downtown Wajima to National Route 249 in the direction of Sosogi in about 25 minutes, and there is a parking lot in front of the Shin-Hasenodomon Tunnel (新八世乃洞門トンネル).

There are many sacred places like the Kissing Tunnel for love throughout Japan, including Kofuku Station in Hokkaido, "Angel Road" in Kagawa Prefecture, and "Orihime Shrine" in Tochigi Prefecture.
Be sure to visit them with your sweetheart or someone you care about!

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