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Winter Activities at Mt. Bandai in Fukushima Prefecture!

This video, titled "[Learning About Mt. Bandai] Travel Education: Winter Activities Edition" (【学べる磐梯山】旅育(タビイク)冬のアクティビティ編), was produced by "ponycanyon."

In recent years, winter activities in Japan have gained huge popularity among foreign tourists.
At Mt. Bandai in winter, introduced in the video, along with skiing and snowboarding, there's a ton of activities to enjoy!
Let's take a look at what's in store for you!

About Mt. Bandai

Image of a winter morning at Lake Hibara
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Let's take a look at Mt. Bandai itself.
The Aizu-Mt. Bandai area of Fukushima Prefecture is a popular spot visited by many tourists each year.
Mt. Bandai is designated as one of the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains" and is located in Fukushima Prefecture where three towns and villages meet. They are: Kita Shiobara (北塩原村, Kita Shiobara-Mura), Bandai (磐梯町, Bandai-Machi), and Inawashiro (猪苗代町, Inawashiro-Machi).
Lake Inawashiro (猪苗代湖, Inawashiro-Ko), the fourth largest lake in Japan, is located south of Mt. Bandai.
On the north side, there is a place called "Urabandai," which is famous for its group of ponds, which includes Goshiki-Numa (五色沼, Goshiki-Numa), which was formed by a large eruption.

The Aizu-Mt. Bandai area is also known as the area where Hideyo Noguchi, the man on the 1,000 yen bill, was born and raised.
You can enjoy the superb views of Japan's natural scenery, including the crater of Mt. Bandai, the Lake Inawashiro, pond group, the wetlands of the Mt. Bandai Gold Line, and the Bandai Azuma Skyline that runs along Mt. Bandai.

Activities to Enjoy at Mt. Bandai

At 0:10 in the video, you can see the smelt fishing experience at Gold House Meguro.
Smelt fishing under the ice of Lake Hibara (桧原湖, Hibara-Ko) is a ton of fun, and you can even cook your own catch and eating them as tempura!
This activity allows you to feel nature's bounty with all five senses, and the video recommends learning the importance of creativity and life by feeling the life at the bottom of the lake.

The next activity, introduced at 0:45 in the video, is the snowshoe experience!
This wonderful snowshoe trekking experience, provided by Urabandai Mokumoku Nature School, provides a valuable experience of walking through the silver world of Goshiki-Numa.
In the video, you can see kids having a blast as they roll around in the snow and play on the snow slide!

At 1:18, you can see the farming experience which involves picking cabbage from underneath the snow!
Cabbage underneath the snow ripens quickly and can be eaten like a fruit!
You can feel the life in the snow country and the wisdom of our ancestors at the same time.

More Activities in Winter at Mt. Bandai!

At the nature-rich Mt. Bandai, you can enjoy activities such as snowmobiling and snow rafting on the ski slopes, as well as trekking along the mountain route.
Depending on the weather, you may be able to see ice covered trees at the Aizu-Mt. Bandai area in winter.
Canoeing on the lake in winter also makes for a great experience.

Even beginners can safely enjoy the activities, as their are guides and instructors to help you learn.
There's also Mt. Bandai Onsen Hotel and Hoshino Resort nearby, so we recommend making a reservation for your stay.

Summary of Winter Activities at Mt. Bandai

The video describes itself as "Learning About a Snowy Paradise" and introduces the splendor of using all 5 senses in the beautiful natural landscapes of Japan.

If you're interested in winter activities in Japan, be sure to check out the video and visit Mt. Bandai when you have the chance!

【Official Website】Mt. Bandai – Urabandai Tourist Association

【Tripadovisor】Mt. Bandai

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Fishing and Snowshoeing in Fukushima Prefecture! Enjoy a Fun-Filled Adventure in the Snowy Landscapes of Mt. Bandai in Winter!
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