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Introducing Gujo Hachiman, the Town of Water (One Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters)!

This video, titled "Gujo Hachiman - Beautiful Water, Beautiful Town" (郡上八幡〜美しい水と美しい街〜), was released by "COSTONA."

This video starts from Gujo-Hachiman Station on the Nagaragawa Railway.
Gujo Hachiman is a popular tourist destination in Gifu Prefecture in Japan's Tokai region.

Enjoy the video with which you can see the charm of Gujo Hachiman, that was loved by the manga artist Momoko Sakura, the creator of the popular manga "Chibi Maruko-chan."

Gujo Hachiman in Gujo, Gifu. Enjoy a Leisurely Walk Through the City of Water

Old cobblestone streets of the past can still be found in Gujo Hachiman even now.
At Gujo-Hachiman Station, the center of the city, you'll find Gujo-Hachiman Station Cafe, where you can relax and grab a bite to eat or a coffee after a long train ride.
As you can see from 0:35 in the video, there is also a GJ8Man face in the hole panel drawn by Momoko Sakura in front of Gujo Hachiman Station.

The beautiful place introduced at 1:37 is Roadside Station Meiho.
Here you can relax while admiring the flowers and also buy souvenirs.
Gujo Hachiman's specialty gourmet is Meiho-ham, which is deep-fried Meiho-ham.
We recommend walking around the city while munching on some deep-fried Meiho ham!
If you get hungry, you can have fun and relax at the rice ball shop "Onisuke," shown at 2:25 in the video, or the Japanese cafe "Omatcha-dokoro Sogi-an," a famous sweets shop which can be seen from 4:41 in the video.

The Charms of Gujo Hachiman - The City of Water in Gujo, Gifu

Gujo Hachiman in Gujo, Gifu is famous as a town of water.
There's rich spring water at Sogi Spring, which has been certified as the first of Japan's 100 Remarkable Waters, as well as in the Kodara River which can be seen from 7:34.

Sogi Spring, also known as Haku-unsui, has long been indispensable to the lives of the people in the city.
Koi also swim in the waterways and upon seeing this you'll begin to understand the beauty of the water flowing through the city.

The History of Gujo Hachiman, the City of Water in Gujo, Gifu

image of Gujo Hachiman Castle, Gifu Prefecture
Photo:Gujo Hachiman Castle, Gifu Prefecture

Let's touch upon the history of Gujo Hachiman.
Gujo Hachiman has been a popular castle town since the Edo period (1603-1868).
Later, in the Meiji period (1868-1912), the town of Hachiman was born, and in 2004, with the merger of seven towns and villages in Gujo County, it became the city of Gujo.

There are statues of Kazutoyo Yamauchi and his wife, Chiyo in Gujo Hachiman Castle, and you can see what they might've looked like when they were alive.
In addition to the castle, you can also learn about the history of the area at Gujo Hachiman Hakurankan Museum and the Gujo Hachiman Former Government Building Memorial Hall.

Gujo Odori - Local Specialties in Gujo Hachiman

Image of mizu manju, a summer tradition
Photo:Mizu manju, a summer tradition

Gujo Odori is a must-have when visiting Gujo Hachiman.
Gujo Odori, which has been around since the Edo period, is a festival that represents the city of water.
The festival that lasts for more than 30 nights from mid-July to early September and it is the longest Bon dance festival in Japan.
During this period, many people gather for the all-night dance, which, as the name implies, involves dancing all night from 8pm to 4 in the morning for four days from August 13th to 16th.

In addition, Gifu Prefecture is famous for its sweetfish dishes, and the local cuisine representing the Oku-Mino region, such as Kei-chan (chicken) and Mizu manju, a summer delicacy, are must-try foods.
Gujo-Hachiman in Gujo, Gifu, has accommodation facilities, such as hotels, inns, and hot springs, so we recommend enjoying the town at a leisurely pace with an overnight stay.

Summary Gujo Hachiman - The City of Water in Gujo, Gifu

Image of Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture
Photo:Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture

After watching the video it'll be hard to resist packing your bags for Gujo Hachiman.
Many tourists visit on weekends in search of the city of water and the old townscapes of Japan.
There are places to view the autumn leaves and ski resorts in the surrounding area, and Gujo Hachiman is also great for taking Instagram photos.

Be sure to check out the video before strolling around the city and check out some of Gujo Hachiman's popular tourist spots.

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Gujo Hachiman - Introducing the Charms of the City of Water in Gujo, Gifu! The Old-Fashioned Townscape Is a Popular Tourist Spot in Gifu Prefecture To Throw on Your Bucket List!
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