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About the Shogi Introductory Video

This article will talk about the video "Explaining the Rules of Shogi for New Players" (将棋を全く知らない人向けのルール説明), created by "HAIREY Asoberu Biyoshitsu."

There are probably many people who are interested in the traditional Japanese chess game "Shogi" but do not know how to play the game.
If you watch this video, you will learn how to move each piece appropriately, as well as learning the terminology, strategies, and tactics of Shogi.

What Kind of Game Is Shogi?

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Shogi is a two player strategy board game.
It is sometimes called Japanese Shogi to distinguish it from Chess and Changzhi.
According to the Japan Shogi Association, there are about 12 million Shogi players worldwide.

In recent years, it has become popular globally, as there is an online World Shogi Championship.
The origin and the history of Shogi is unknown, but Japan’s oldest Shogi pieces were found in Kofukuji, Nara, Kansai region, and these pieces are from Heian Period (794 to 1185).

A Closer Look at the Rules of Shogi

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Captured pieces of Shogi are called Osho, Gyokusho, Hisha, Kakugyo, Kinsho, Ginsho, Keima, Kyosha and Fuhyo.
Players follow the rules introduced in the video and advance their pieces up the board within the allotted time limit.
From 0:08 in the video, we're given the name of each piece, and the different ways they can move is also explained.

Each piece has its own movement. One such move is called "Fuhyo", which only allows movement of one space forward.
From 7:28, illegal moves are also explained, and from 10:26, we are given a more in depth look at how each piece moves. Similarly to Chess' "Check" The word "Ote" is said when a piece could take the opponent’s Osho or Gyokusyo.

Shogi sounds like a simple game, yet it is very tactical and there are people of all ages who enjoy playing Shogi.

What kind of people are professional Shogi players?

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Professional Shogi players were called "Shogi-Sashi" (将棋指し) in the Edo period (From 1603 to 1868).
Some famous professional Shogi players include Yoshiharu Habu, ranked 9th dan, Takeshi Fujii, ranked 9th dan, Masayuki Toyoshima meijin, Amahiko Sato, ranked 9th dan, Sota Fujii, ranked 7th dan, Takayuki Yamasaki, ranked 8th dan, Yasumitsu Sato, ranked 9th dan, Kazuki Kimura, ranked 9th dan.
There are also professional female players.

Professional Shogi players can also earn titles such as Meijin, Ryuo, Oui, Oza, by winning many matches.
You can check professional matches, as well as match records for Shogi on NHK's live stream and other such places on the internet.

Summary of the Shogi Introductory Video

This video gives viewers an easy-to-understand introduction on the rules of Shogi.
By installing a Shogi app game such as “Shogi wars,” you can try playing Shogi without needing your own board! While playing these Shogi games, you'll earn ratings and rank up accordingly, which allows players to enjoy heated matches versus opponents in their skill group!
If this video made you interested in Shogi, we recommend trying the Shogi app listed above or trying one of the many other applications that are out there!

【Official Website】Japan Shogi Association

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