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Shiiba Village - A Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems in Miyazaki Prefecture

This video, titled "A Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System - Shiiba Village - Promotional Video (Japanese, with subtitles)" (世界農業遺産 椎葉山 魅力発信プロモーションビデオ(日本語・字幕有り)), introduces Shiiba Village, a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Food is essential for humanity.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recognizes agriculture, forestry, and fisheries that have traditionally been passed down to ensure the stable production of food as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).
In 2015, five towns and villages in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan's Kyushu region, including Shiiba Village, were recognized as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems in the Takachiho Township and Shiiba Mountain Region.

Specialty Products of Shiiba Village and Characteristics of Agriculture in Miyazaki Prefecture

Shiiba Village in Miyazaki in Japan's Kyushu region, a place where you can feel the historical rural culture, has been recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) for its agricultural expertise, including it's traditional slash-and-burn agricultural techniques.
Shiiba Village, surrounded by mountains on all sides, has a rich agricultural culture of slash-and-burn farming which involves cutting down bushes and burning the ground with flames in August.

In the mild climate of Shiiba Village, many people are involved in timber production, rice cultivation, and forestry, as well as shiitake mushroom, buckwheat cultivation, and the production of Japanese beef.
Thanks to the rich farmland in Shiiba Village, numerous agricultural and livestock products can be grown there.

Explore the Nature-rich Shiiba Village in Miyazaki Prefecture!

image of Ureshino Hot Spring in Shiiba Mountain, Miyazaki Prefecture
Photo:Ureshino Hot Spring on Shiibayama, Miyazaki Prefecture

Shiiba Village in Miyazaki is a famous tourist destination thanks to Ureshino Onsen.
There are many mountain villa-style lodges and nice hotels in the area, and you can relax and rid yourself of the fatigue of sightseeing.
Shiiba Village is a place where you can fully appreciate the scenery of all four seasons: seasonal flowers blooming in spring, fireworks displays in summer, and forests in the neighboring areas turning red and orange in autumn.

Visit the rural landscape around Shiiba Village, experience encounters with wild animals and plants, and visit the Kami-Shiiba Dam on the upper reaches of the Mimi River (耳川, Mimi-Kawa)! These are just a few of the sightseeing experiences you can enjoy in this land of rich natural beauty.

Popular Festivals on Shiiba Village, Miyazaki Prefecture

image of Mount Shiiba in Miyazaki
Photo:Shiibayama in Miyazaki

Shiiba Village is also known as an area where traditional Japanese arts still remain.
At the Autumn Festival in Shiiba Village, you can see events with Usu-Daiko and Yamaboshi Dances.
Hietsuki-bushi Dori, a folk dance, is another exciting form of local entertainment.
At the Shiiba Kagura Festival, traditional Japanese kagura is dedicated with the sound of drums and flutes.
The Shiiba Heike Festival, with its Yamato-emaki Samurai Parade, is another festival worth visiting.

Summary of Shiiba Village in Miyazaki, a Village Full of Charm

Shiiba Village in Miyazaki is truly a beautiful area where ancient Japanese traditions still remain.
Enjoy a trip to the Shiibayama to see the time-honored rural landscape and traditional rituals featured in the video!

【Official Website】Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: Takachiho Village and the Mt. Shiiba Area

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The Charms of Shiibayama, a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in Miyazaki Prefecture! Learn About Japan's Traditional Slash and Burn Farming Techniques in This Video!
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