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This video, titled "[Once in a Lifetime Miracle] Click Here to See a Fight to the Death With a Massive Fish! (Ishigaki, Night 3)" (【生涯一本の奇跡】超巨大魚との死闘の記録はこちら(石垣第3夜)), was released by "Monkfish Hours" (あんこうアワーズ).

This is a 22 minute video showing a fight to the death while trying to land a massive fish!
The fish caught was a 165 cm long, 83 kg giant grouper, which broke the record in Okinawa.
The video will have you on the edge of your seat as they try to land this behemoth of a fish!

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Fighting an Awesome Giant Fish in the Ocean Near Ishigaki Island, Okinawa! A Monstrous 80+ Kilo Fish in the Waters Around Japan!
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