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This video, titled "It Doesn't Seem Wild at All! a Wild Raccoon Dog That Loves Humans" (とても野生とは思えない!人間大好きな野生のタヌキ), was released by "Wild Birds Izumi" (野鳥いずみ).
This video shows a wild raccoon dog that loves people.

Although raccoon dogs can be seen in all areas of Japan, they are rarely seen by humans and are only rarely seen in areas near mountains and fields.
Also, they are often disliked by humans as vermin, so they tend to keep away from people.

However, in this video, the raccoon dog can be seen proudly walking in the middle of the roadway and coming closer to the photographer.
It's rare footage that allows you to see Japan's raccoon dogs up close and personal, and it's also a useful way to observe its face and limbs.

A wild raccoon has appeared in the middle of a human village! She delivers healing with her adorable appearance, unfazed by people and cars.
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