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The Wild Birds of Japan!

This 8 and half minute video titled "The Wild Birds of Japan- Video Compilation 2 (HD)" (日本の野鳥 動画集 2 (HD)), promotes the beautiful wild birds native to Japan.

In this video you can see all different types of birds, from common species you might see around town, to rare species that you wouldn't normally get a chance to see.

A Glimpse Into the Wild Bird of Japan

The wild birds shown in this video are as follows . The long-tailed bushtit​ [from 0:00 ], the great spotted woodpecker [from 0:18 ], the pygmy woodpecker [from 0:35 ], the varied tit [from 0:41 ], the little tern [from 1:01 ], the black-tailed gull [from 1:20 ], the coot [from 1:30 ], the whooper swan [from 1:45 ], the spot-billed duck [from 2:20 ], the Eurasian wigeon [from 2:32 ], the common pochard [from 2:51], the green pheasant [from 3:11], the black kite [from 3:31], the swallow [from 3:46], the little grebe [from 4:06], the white-bellied green pigeon [from 4:23], the Eurasian bullfinch [from 4:48], the reed bunting [from 4:54], the azure-winged magpie [from 5:13], the oriental greenfinch [from 5:24], the narcissus flycatcher [from 5:32], the Japanese white-eye [from 5:53], the great tit [from 6:14], the tree sparrow [from 6:29 ], the pale thrush [ from 7:06], the blue rock-thrush [from 7:12], the great cormorant [from 7:21], the grey heron [from 7:37], the common sandpiper [from 7:45], the large terek sandpiper [from 7:55], the far eastern curlew [from 8:04], and the black-winged stilt [from 8:14].

What Kinds of Wild Birds Are There?

The wild birds shown in this video are general species.
Not just birds that live in the mountains of Japan, but waterfowl and sea birds also fit into this category.

The wild birds living all across Japan are migratory birds.

Birds that come to Japan in the spring and stay for the summer are called summer birds, and birds that come to Japan in autumn and stay for the winter are called winter birds. Wild birds which stray into Japan because of typhoons called "stray birds". And of course, the birds that stay in one place year round are referred to as non-migratory birds.

Find the Wild Birds Shown in This Video!

Image of Dusky thrush
Photo:Dusky thrush

Besides the wild birds shown in this video, there are many birds such as crows, chats, bull-headed shrike, and grey starling that inhabit Japan.

You can enjoy a nice time bird watching and listening to their singing, or you can take some lovely photos of birds at feeding stations.
When you go bird watching, we recommend wearing rain boots.

Japan's Wild Birds Wrapped Up

As you can see from this video, many wild birds live in Japan.
You can find lovely birds not only in mountainous areas but also in towns.

There is the "Wild Bird Society" that specifically observes Japan's wild birds.
If you're interested in different species of birds or their ecology, you can participate in bird watching with the Wild Bird Society as well!

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Lovely Wild Birds Help People Feel at Ease! A Video Featuring More Than 30 Species of Wild Birds, Native to Japan. How Many Do You Know?
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