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Samurai Girl - Soma Nomaoi

This video, titled "Samurai Girl - One Girl's Story of becoming a Samurai (Samurai Girl - Soma Nomaoi)" (Samurai Girl ~ One Girl's Story of becoming a Samurai(サムライガール〜相馬野馬追)) is a documentary video on Soma Nomaoi, an event in the Soma region of Fukushima prefecture.

The video of the samurai girl has attracted so much attention that it was accessed from more than 100 countries within a month of its release.
At 0:24 in the video, we see the beautiful samurai girl before she dons her armor. Fully armored up at 1:06, we see the dignified spirit of ancient Japanese samurai within her.

What Kind of Event is Fukushima's Soma Nomaoi?

Image of Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture
Photo:Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture

Soma Nomaoi is a historic event held in July every year in the Soma region of Fukushima Prefecture, and is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Culture Asset​ of Japan.
The scene of many military leaders and feudal lords getting together to welcome the general is incredibly powerful.

There are also many dynamic events, such as reenactments of battles by cavalrymen, wild horse races, armor competitions, and banner wars, and the festival is great for taking Instagram photos!
There are also food stalls set up at the events, so if you’re looking to enjoy some delicious Japanese cuisine, this is a great place to visit.

Access to Soma Nomaoi, an Event in Fukushima Prefecture

Image of Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture
Photo:Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture

Soma Nomaoi, a festival made famous by "Samurai Girl," is held at the Hibarigahara Festival Grounds (雲雀ヶ原祭場地) in Fukushima prefecture.
In addition, events are also held at Soma Nakamura, Soma Ota, and Soma Odaka shrines in Soma.

On the day of the event, many tourists gather and there is road traffic control.
We recommend checking posters for access and parking information ahead of time.
We also recommend joining a tour or buying tickets in advance.

Summary of Soma Nomaoi and Samurai Girl

Image of Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture
Photo:Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture

The video, featuring samurai girl, introduces the dynamic rituals of the Soma Nomaoi, an event that recreates the atmosphere of the Warring States Period.
The Soma Region of Fukushima Prefecture was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

This video shows the strong will of the people of Fukushima Prefecture's Soma region.
We hope you'll come out to support the reconstruction of Fukushima Prefecture and watch the demonstration of warlords donning armor and Japanese swords!

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Samurai Girl – The Story of One Woman Fighting to Keep a 1000-Year-Old Festival Alive! Discover Soma Nomaoi, a Festival of Mounted Samurai in Fukushima, Japan!
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