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Freshly Cooked Yakitori at Japan's Food Stalls

This is a video of yakitori being grilled and taste tested at a yakitori stall.

There are two types of yakitori: one in which chicken is skewered and grilled over charcoal or gas fire, and the other in which chicken is not skewered, but rather, cooked on a teppan grill. This is the type of yakitori found in Ehime Prefecture and other places.
The former is probably the more popular variety, but at this stall, the yakitori is pressed on a teppan and then grilled over a gas fire at the end.
Pressing helps to brown the chicken by releasing the oil, and the press also steams the chicken so it cooks faster.

Yakitori goes great with beer or sake.
You can often find yakitori stalls at festivals and other events.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Yakitori Has Been a Favorite Dish of the Japanese for Centuries! Watch It Sizzle Before Your Eyes at It's Cooked!
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