Introducing Dinnerware and Cutlery for Families Who Love to Camp

While leisure and other activities are limited due to the Corona pandemic, camping, which can be enjoyed outdoors, has become very popular in Japan. Here we'll introduce camping accessories that family campers have found useful. Check out these compact items and how to neatly store them.

Video Introduction

This video, titled "Introducing Family Camping Dishes, Cutlery, and Cookers!" (Introduce items such as family camp dishes, cutlery and cooker!) was uploaded by "Pahta / Camp."
It introduces recommended dinnerware, cutlery, cookers, and other camping items for family camping that can fit in a Seattle Sports Frost Pak Soft Cooler!

The video introduces cutlery and dinnerware sets for a family of four, including two children and two adults, neatly stored in a soft cooler. This video is recommended for beginners as it explains the appeal of each camping item, what to look for, design features, and materials.
The way they're stored is also very helpful. Be sure to check it out in the video!

Storing Camping Dinnerware and Cutlery Neatly and Compactly

The video begins with the opening of a SEATTLE SPORTS Frost Pack 25QT, which stores dinnerware and cutlery, and which is useful for camping with a family.
The Seattle Sports Frostpack 25QT is an American-born brand synonymous with soft coolers. When camping solo, you can also take your family's portion of dinnerware and cutlery out of the bag and go camping with less weight.

Now, let's take a look at the items introduced in the video.

Basic Camping Rice Cooker and Kettle

Introduced first are bottles for making tea and water, a rice cooker for cooking rice, and a kettle for boiling water. Rice is a staple food in Japan and it's great for cooking when camping as well. Snow Peak, the cookware, can also be used to make soup and rice, and the lid can be used as a frying pan.

・1 liter Nalgene bottle: Used to store water
・UNIFLAME Rice Cooker Mini DX: Used to cook rice
・Trangia Kettle 0.9L (aluminum): Used to boil water
・Snow Peak Trek 1400 (aluminum): Cooking utensils

Titanium Dinnerware and Cutlery

Image of outdoor dinnerware
Photo:Outdoor dinnerware

Titanium is a suitable material for dinnerware because of its high heat resistance. If the heat from hot soup or other food is transferred directly to your dinnerware, it can cause burns when eating. In this respect, titanium dinnerware stays relatively cool, allowing you to eat without worrying about being burned by your cutlery.
[Video] 2:53 - Introduction of cutlery

Cups, cutlery, and other items featured in the video.

The first titanium sierra cup that PAHTA (the youtuber) bought is a product that they recommend. It's a simple design, but the handle is designed so that it naturally hooks onto the middle finger when held, making it easy to hold and spill-resistant.

・Snow Peak Titanium Sierra Cup: Used for cooking and as dinnerware
・Snow Peak - Trek Titanium Bowl (discontinued)
・Snow Peak - Trek Titanium Plate (discontinued)
・Coleman - Cooking Tool Box 2: Holds mugs and cutlery
・Snow Peak - Stacking Mug Snow Peak H300: Mugs
・Snow Peak - Titanium Cutlery FS (discontinued): Forks and spoons
・OPINEL - Opinel No. 7 Round Tipped Stainless Steel Knife
・Windmill - Windmill JP Turbo Lighter
・A rice scoop and chop sticks
・MSR ALPINE DX Cutting Board: A small cutting board with stylish colors

Titanium dinnerware and cutlery is popular partly because it is lightweight when carried to cleaning stations at camp. Another important feature that makes them popular is that they can be neatly stacked for easy storage.

Useful Camping Gear for Drying Dishes

After eating at camp, it's necessary to clean up afterwards. Here we'll introduce some useful goods for cleaning up.

・Coleman Hanging Dry Net 2: A net for drying dishes outdoors
・Sponge and detergent for cleaning dinnerware
・HOLD & FOLD baby bottle stand (discontinued): used as a portable drying rack

Featured in the video is a HOLD&FOLD baby bottle drying rack. After washing dishes, you'll want to dry them, but there are surprisingly few compact dish drying racks. The product shown in the video is a reused baby bottle holder but is compact and convenient.


For beginners who are thinking about getting camping equipment, videos and information from advanced campers who have actually used the equipment and are comfortable recommending it are a useful resource.

It's important to choose camping equipment that is light, simple, and easy to use, and that can be stored neatly. As shown in the video, storing a family's worth of dinnerware, cutlery, and cookers in sets will decrease the chance that you forget something. Be sure to reference this video for camping information.

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Compact Cookware and Dishes for Family Camping! Recommended Cutlery, Cookers, and More!
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