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Japanese Sweets, AKA
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Quick, Fluid Motions! How to Make Dango With Soybean Flour, Matcha, and Mitarashi Flavor!

This video shows soybean flour, matcha, and mitarashi flavored dango being made at a dango shop.

Dango are one of Japan's most popular sweets and are said to have originated before the Heian period and have been enjoyed in Japan since ancient times.
There are many variations of dango, such as the sweet soy sauce-flavored mitarashi dango shown in the video, kinako dango, dango loaded with red bean paste, and isobe dango wrapped with seaweed.

In the video, you can see three types of dango being made: kinako, matcha, and mitarashi.
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Sep. 15, 2020
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Dango - A Classic, Traditional Japanese Sweet! Watch the Iconic Snack Being Cooked to Perfection at This Japanese Confectionery!
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