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The Takechi Maru – A Concrete Ship Built During WW2

This video, titled "Takechi Maru - The Guardian of the Sea in Yasuura, Kure, Hiroshima: A Concrete Ship From the End of WW2" (広島県呉市安浦町、海の守り神:終戦間際のコンクリート船、武智丸), was uploaded by "K Nishiyama" (K西山).
It introduces the "Takechi Maru," a concrete ship in Yasuura, Kure, Hiroshima in Japan's Chugoku Region.
The Takechi Maru is a wartime cargo ship that was built by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.
A total of five of these ships were planned to be built during the same period, but two of them remain in the fishing port of Yasuura, Kure, Hiroshima.

The Takechi Maru is now used as a breakwater to protect the residents of the seaside area.
Enjoy the powerful, historical atmosphere of the ship in the video!

Feel the Grandeur and History of the Takechi Maru!

Image of the concrete ship, Takechi Maru
Photo:The concrete ship, Takechi Maru

The Takechi Maru measures 64.5 meters long and weighs 800 tons, making it a large cargo ship at 980 tons deadweight.
It can be seen from 0:10 in the video.
The Takechi Maru now serves as a breakwater off Mitsuguchi in the town of Yasuura, Kure, Hiroshima.

It is said that a civil engineering company owner in Osaka named "Shojiro Takechi" once had a strong desire to build a ship.
After various building plans were devised, two docks were constructed in Takasago, Hyogo.
The two docks were named "Takechi Shipyard" after Shojiro Takechi.

Then, in 1944, the "Takechi Maru No. 1" was completed.
Due to its structure, it was heavier than steel ships, and its disadvantage was that it could not carry as much cargo.
However, it was as strong and sturdy as the steel ships and carried military supplies as a cargo ship.

The "Takechi Maru No. 2," which was completed later, was deployed to Yokosuka as a cargo ship for military supplies, and served as a transport ship during the devastation of WW2.

The Takechi Maru Following WW2

Image of the concrete ship, Takechi Maru
Photo:The concrete ship, Takechi Maru

After World War II, the Takechi Maru No. 1 was sold to the Port of Kure and the Takechi Maru No. 2 was sold to the Port of Osaka.
At the time, there was no breakwater at the Yasuura Fishing Port in Yasuura, Kure, Hiroshima, and so the plan was to repurpose the Takechi Maru No. 1 and No. 2 as breakwaters.
And, as can be seen in the video, they have been doing just that.

At the time, the price of steel bars and other metals skyrocketed, and the Takechi Maru No. 1 and No. 2 were stripped of most of their steel parts.
As a result, only the concrete hulls of the ships remained, and they became the "concrete ships" that we know today.

The Takechi Maru as a Tourist Attraction! Experience the History of Japan!

Image of a person fishing
Photo:A person fishing

After such history, the Takechi Maru still exists at the Yasuura Fishing Port in Yasuura, Kure, Hiroshima.
Many tourists visit the area to see the powerful and majestic Takechi Maru.

The Takechi Maru can be seen just off Mitsuguchi Pier (三津口桟橋) in Kure, Hiroshima.
It is easily accessible, making it an excellent place to travel for sightseeing.
Nearby, there are also breweries that make delicious Hiroshima sake, so you can enjoy locally brewed flavors as well.
Furthermore, you can enjoy sightseeing at Kaizu Shrine (海津神社) and Nezaki Shrine (子崎神社).
The area between the Takechi Maru and Mitsukuchi Pier is also known as one of the best fishing spots for horse mackerel and sardines.

In Ondo, also in Kure, Hiroshima, there is another concrete ship, but this one is deteriorating rapidly and visitors should be careful when visiting it.

The town of Yasuura in Kure, Hiroshima, where the Takechi Maru is located, is a place where you can experience history firsthand.
Check out Kure Port, Maizuru Port, and Iwo Jima to learn about the history of Japan.

Summary of the Takechi Maru, a Ship Reborn as Breakwater

In the town of Yasuura in Kure, Hiroshima, the Takechi Maru is a beloved guardian of the sea.
Having experienced the devastation of war in WW2, it now serves to protect the people of Kure, Hiroshima as a breakwater.
Its power and grandeur will give you a sense of the technology and craftsmanship of the time.
Be sure to check out this 2-minute video to get a sense of the history of the Takechi Maru.

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