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Toji Temple, a Popular Tourist Spot in Kyoto! Be Sure To Check Out "Kanchi-in" as Well!

This video, titled "Kanchi-In Temple - Kyoto - 観智院," was released by "TokyoStreetView --Japan The Beautiful."

There are many temples in Kyoto, and among them, Toji Temple in Minami-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, which is within walking distance of Kyoto Station, is one of extreme popularity.
Within the precincts of Toji Temple, Kanchi-in Temple features a room for tea ceremony and other traditional Japanese scenery.
Check out the video to appreciate the beauty and Japanese spirit of Kanchi-in Temple.

The History and Origins of Kanchi-in Temple at Toji Temple in Kyoto

Kanchi-in Temple, located inside Toji Temple, was said to have been built in 1359, by Goho, a scholar said to have been one of the three treasures of Toji.
The three treasures were Raiho, Goho, and Kenpo.
It is also the special head temple of the Toji Shingon sect.

At that time, Kanchi-in Temple was built as a school of study for the entire Shingon sect and produced many scholars.
Kanchi-in was a Shingon Buddhist school, where many people came to study.
In other words, it was like a university laboratory today.

Just being on the temple's grounds you'll feel an air of intellectuality from the building that gave birth to so many Shingon sect scholars over the years.
It is currently a popular temple in Kyoto as a vice-institution of Toji Temple, and is visited by many people for sightseeing.

Highlights of Kanchi-in Temple at Toji Temple in Kyoto

Kanchi-in Temple, located within the grounds of Toji Temple in Kyoto, has many places to sights to see.
When visiting Kanchi-in, the first thing you should see is the Kyakuden (guest hall).
In addition to the Kyakuden, we also recommend the tea room and garden.
The ink wash painting that is said to have been drawn by Miyamoto Musashi is also an impressive work of art.

You can also visit spots that are not normally accessible by booking special exhibitions and reservation-based tours.
If you want to know more about Kanchi-in, a temple written about in the Toji Kanchi-in Temple Sutras and Toji Kanchi-in Documents (designated National Important Cultural Properties), be sure to look up schedules for special exhibitions.
The courtyard filled with white stones, which can be seen from 1:33, is great for taking Instagram photos, so we definitely recommend brining a camera!

Sightseeing Around Kanchi-in Temple, Located Inside Toji Temple in Kyoto

image of Yakushiji Temple, Nara Prefecture
Photo:Yakushiji Temple, Nara Prefecture

Kanchi-in Temple, which is introduced in the video, is easily accessible compared to other temples in Kyoto and can be accessed on foot from Kyoto Station.
There are many tourist attractions, including Kyoto Tower, as well as many hotels around Kyoto Station.
From the nearest station, Kintetsu Toji Station, you can travel to Fushimi and Nara, two places in Kyoto known for their sake, without having to change trains.
When visiting Kanchi-in Temple, be sure to drop by some of the nearby tourist destinations!

Summary of Kanchi-in Temple at Toji Temple in Kyoto

In this article we introduced a video of Kanchi-in Temple, a temple located within the precincts of Toji Temple in Kyoto.

The video of the temple will soothe your heart and make you want to visit Kyoto.
When visiting Kyoto, don't forget to stop by Kanchi-in Temple, a national treasure of Japan!


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