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What is "Ninja Kingdom Ise"

This is a video titled "From the sky above Ise Azuchi-Momoyama Castle Street," created by Ise Azuchi Momoyama Shopping Street. It introduces an aerial view of the facilities of Ninja Kingdom Ise (former name: Ise Azuchi Momoyama Castle Street).

Ninja Kingdom Ise (Ninja Kingdom Ise) is a theme park where you can learn about Japanese history while having a great time.
Let’s check out the recommended sightseeing information of Ninja Kingdom Ise, with this video.
The video introduces the realistic theme park that shows the scenery of the Sengoku period from every angle. Which attractions are you interested in?

The Sights of Ninja Kingdom Ise

Ninja Kingdom Ise is located in Ise City (伊勢市, Ise-Shi), Mie Prefecture (三重県, Mie-Ken), in Japan's Tōkai Region.
It’s a popular theme park with the theme of Japanese history and culture.

In this park, there are recreations of sites such as the colorful, historical Azuchi Castle central tower, once built by Oda Nobunaga, and the cityscape of the Azuchi Momoyama Period.
If you rent a Kimono or Ninja costume for walking around inside Ninja Kingdom Ise, you'll feel like you've gone back in time as you enjoy historical sightseeing.

Activities at Ninja Kingdom Ise

At the Sengoku Skill Competition Hall of Ninja Kingdom Ise, introduced in the first part of the video, you can try historic activities such as shooting a bow and arrow, blowgun shooting, and Shuriken throwing.

The Betting Zone, where you can play Japanese games such as Cho-han Bakuchi, and Chinchirorin (Cee-lo), is another great place to spend your time.
Also in the park, you can see a performance of traditional Japanese “Nankin Tama Sudare” where performers make fancy shapes using a bamboo screen, and you can also meet the mascot character Nyanmage!
You can see the performance at 1:44 in the video.

Also be sure to visit theaters, such as the Daininja Theatre, where History dramas are played, the Yamada Magistrate Office, and the Martial Arts House, where you can experience the history of Kobudō in Japan.
We also recommend touring the Arita porcelain workshop, where you can experience historic pottery.
The Arita porcelain workshop is introduced at 8:50 in the video.

Enjoy Gourmet Cuisine and Shopping at Ninja Kingdom Ise!

If you use the “Walk-and Eat Ticket” in the park, you can enjoy the gourmet eat-around in a gastronomic town, including seafood dishes from Ise Toba (鳥羽, Toba).
The Charcoal-grilled Seafood Grill Gassen Grand Dining Room (炭火海鮮焼き 合戦大食事処) is an especially popular place to eat fresh seafood.

At nearby shops, you can buy souvenirs such as leather products from the popular brand “AMATERAS.”
We also recommend checking out the Ise Natural hot spring "Azuchi Castle Hot Spring."
The hot springs are shown at 4:31 in the video.
There's no better way to end your day than soaking in a relaxing hot spring after enjoying an amazing time at Ninja Kingdom Ise.

Summary of Ninja Kingdom Ise

In Ninja Kingdom Ise, sometimes exhibits of popular Japanese movies or mystery solving events are held for a limited time. Definitely check them out if you get the chance.
As shown in the video, this is a theme park that can be enjoyed all day long thanks to the historic cityscape, culture, gourmet food, shopping, hot springs, and more.
Take a tour of Ninja Kingdom Ise, and enjoy the deep history of Japan!
The colorfully decorated Azuchi Castle, introduced at 6:13 in the video, is a must-see!

◆Ninja Kingdom Ise◆
【Address】1201-1 Futami-Chō Mitsu, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 519-0603
【Access】9 Minutes from Ise EXPWY, Ise I.C.
【Admission Fee】Day Passport for Adults: 4,900 JPY (As of November, 2019)
【Parking 】Available
【Tel】+81 596-43-2300

【Official Website】Ninja Kingdom Ise

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