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Hachiman-bori Canal and Beautiful Nighttime Cherry Blossoms: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Hachiman-bori Canal in SHIGA, JAPAN / Viewing Cherry Blossoms at Night" (【滋賀/観光地】八幡堀夜桜/近江八幡幻想の夜 - Hachiman-bori Canal in SHIGA, JAPAN / Viewing cherry blossoms at night -), was uploaded by "channel WASABI."
Enjoy the beautiful nighttime cherry blossoms of Hachiman-bori Canal, a cherry blossom spot in Omihachiman, one of the leading tourist attractions in Shiga Prefecture, in the video.

Hachiman-bori Canal, a Tourist Attraction in Omihachiman

Image of Omihachiman, Shiga
Photo:Omihachiman, Shiga

Omihachiman is one of the most famous tourist spots in Japan's Kansai region and Shiga Prefecture, and one of the most popular attractions in Omihachiman is the famous Hachiman-bori Canal.

The Hachiman-bori Canal dates back to Japan's Warring States Period (1467-1615 AD) and the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573-1598 AD), when Toyotomi Hideyoshi's nephew, Toyotomi Hidetsugu, built a castle and established a town on Mt. Hachiman. The Hachiman-bori Canal is connected to Lake Biwa, and a "rakuichi-rakuza" (free markets and open guilds) system was established to accommodate the merchants who passed through the canal. The castle town was the birthplace of the Omi merchants and played a role in the development of the town as a result of their efforts to make it prosperous.

When is the best time to see the cherry blossoms in Hachimabori?What are the highlights of the tour of Hachimantori?

"Hachimanbori Tour" takes you on a Japanese boat, looking up at the emotional white-walled storehouse and cherry blossoms, showing different views from willow in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and snow in winter.It takes about 30 minutes to tour Hachimantori.

Cherry blossoms in Hachimanbori in Omi Hachiman are usually at their best in early April.2024 is expected to bloom on March 31st and be in full bloom around April 8th.

When you visit Omi Hachiman City in spring, please check the cherry blossom status before going out.

Hachiman-bori Canal and Beautiful Cherry Blossoms: A Spectacular Sightseeing Location!

Image of the Hachiman-bori Canal, spring, Shiga
Photo:The Hachiman-bori Canal, spring, Shiga

Omihachiman is famous as a village of water, selected as one of the Eight Views of Lake Biwa. One of the most popular sightseeing tours in Omihachiman is the Hachiman-bori Canal Tour. The Hachiman-bori Canal Tour is a popular way to view the cherry blossoms while enjoying a leisurely ride on a traditional Japanese houseboat. Visitors can also enjoy the seasonal scenery of willows in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and gentle snow in winter, while viewing merchants' mansions reminiscent of days past.
In addition to touring around Hachiman-bori Canal, we also recommend taking a leisurely stroll through the historical streets.

Omihachiman - A Town of Historic Merchant Houses and Historical Dramas

Image of the townscape of Omihachiman
Photo:The townscape of Omihachiman

Omihachiman is not only famous as a sightseeing spot, but it's also known as one of Japan's most famous locations for filming historical dramas.

The merchants' houses and elegant townscape, which still retain their historical atmosphere, are the perfect locations for historical dramas. In particular, it became famous as a location for the Rurouni Kenshin movie, and the Hachiman-bori Canal has become popular not only among fans, but also among many others as a place for pilgrimages.

Sightseeing and Recommendations Around Hachiman-bori Canal

Image of the Kawara Museum
Photo:The Kawara Museum

In the vicinity of the Hachiman-bori Canal, there's the Kawara Museum, a unique exhibition hall in Japan specializing in roof tiles, and the Honganji Hachiman Betsuin Temple (本願寺八幡別院), the largest temple in the city, where visitors can experience the history of Omihachiman.

There are also cafes and restaurants where you can stop by during a stroll and enjoy lunch. For example, there's a restaurant called "Tiffany" where you can enjoy famous Omi Beef dishes, or "Kihei" where you can sample the local cuisine of Omihachiman.
When it comes to cafes in Omihachiman, Taneya/Club Harie is a place you have to check out. Its most popular items are Japanese sweets and baumkuchen.

When visiting the Hachiman-bori Canal area for sightseeing, we recommend that you pick out the spots you want to visit in advance, and if you're coming by car, look up the location of parking lots in advance to ensure a smooth visit.

Summary of Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at Hachiman-bori Canal

Omihachiman is so beautiful that it has been selected as one of the Eight Views of Lake Biwa, delighting the eyes of many people. The Hachiman-bori Canal tour introduced in the video can be enjoyed together with a canal tour of the town. Both are incredibly attractive. Since there's a difference in the time required, if you have time to relax, the canal tour is definitely something to try.

During Hachimanbori Matsuri (Hachiman-bori Canal Festival), the streets, as well as bamboo floats along the Hachiman-bori Canal are filled with lights. The lights create a more elegant and emotional atmosphere, making it great for taking Instagram photos.
From the top of Mt. Hachiman, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking night view of Omihachiman combined with the lights along the walking path.
The Hachiman-bori Canal is a place with an amazing historical atmosphere that has been used as a location for historical dramas. Be sure to stop by when you visit Shiga Prefecture.

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Hachiman-bori Canal - Enjoy a Beautiful Nighttime Cherry Blossom Tour in the Historic Town of Omihachiman, Shiga!
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