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Introducing Tsuruga Castle Park

This video, titled "Tsuruga Castle in Spring" (鶴ヶ城の春), was released by "Aizuwakamatsu city official website" (公式WEBサイト会津若松市), and features footage of the cherry blossoms at Tsuruga Castle Park.

There are magnificent castles and castle remains to be found all over Japan.
Among these, Tsuruga Castle Park, located in Aizuwakamatsu City is attracting tourists from both inside and outside the country.
From 0:31 in the video, you can see some highlights of the area, such as the characteristic red tiles of the castle tower and Rinkaku, the Japanese Tea Room.
Aizuwakamatsu city's Tsuruga Castle Park has also been designated a historic landmark in Japan.

More About Tsuruga Castle Park in Aizuwakamatsu City

Image of Fukushima prefecture, Tsuruga Castle
Photo:Fukushima prefecture, Tsuruga Castle

Tsuruga Castle in Aizuwakamatsu city, Fukushima prefecture is also known as Aizuwakamatsu Castle, Kurokawa Castle, and Aizu Castle.

The castle was named "Tsuruga Castle" by Gamo Ujisato (蒲生氏郷) around 400 years ago.
The area is famous as the site where the Byakkotai (白虎隊) committed ritual suicide during the Bakumatsu period.
Throughout the video, you can see the beautiful cherry trees in full bloom, as if to comfort the spirits of the Byakkotai.
The striking contrast between the majestic castle and beautiful cherry blossoms creates a spectacular sight.

The Cherry Blossom Festival at Tsuruga Castle Park - The Best Time to See the Cherry Blossoms and the Different Varieties

Image of a flower blooming
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Every year in the spring, a cherry blossom festival is held in Tsuruga About 1,000 cherry trees in the Tsurugajo Park area have a variety of cherry trees, including Yoshino Cherry (ソメイヨシノ), Yaezakura (ヤエザクラ), Weeping Cherries (シダレザクラ), and Winter Flowering Cherries (コヒガンザクラ), and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing for a long time because the season is off.

From 0:15 in the video, you can see the castle lit up at night using projection mapping, creating a romantic and magical atmosphere.

Tsurugajo Park in Aizu Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, has been selected as one of the "100 best cherry blossom viewing spots. There are approximately 1,000 cherry trees in the area, including Someiyoshino, Yaezakura, Shidare-zakura, and Kohigan-zakura. The highlight of the park is the collaboration of Tsurugajo Castle and cherry blossoms. In addition to the view looking up, the cherry blossoms seen from the castle tower are also a must-see.

Translated with (free version) The best time to see cherry blossoms in Tsurugajo Park is usually from early to mid-April, but 2023 was in full bloom earlier than usual on April 4th.If you look at the average of the past 10 years, the blooming date is April 8th and the blooming date is April 14th.

The "Tsuruga Castle Cherry Blossom Festival" is held at the peak of cherry blossom viewing, and will be held from April 3rd to May 6th in 2024.With one of the largest lights-ups in East Japan, you can enjoy fantastic night cherry blossoms.

Aizuwakamatsu Cherry Blossoms Video Summary

Image of Fukushima prefecture, Tsuruga Castle
Photo:Fukushima Prefecture, Tsuruga Castle

If you would like to see some of the beautiful scenery featured in this video, we highly recommend you take a trip to Tsuruga Castle Park!
There are volunteer guides to help you enjoy your visit to the fullest.
We highly recommend checking the weather, how congested the park is, sightseeing maps, and nearby lunch spots before setting off on your trip to Aizuwakamatsu city.

If you have time to spare, we also recommend visiting the Japanese confectionery shop Aizuaoi (上菓子司会津葵) and Aizu Aoi Silk Road Bunmeikan (会津葵シルクロード文明館) which are located near Tsuruga Castle Park.

◆Tsuruga Castle Park Facility Summary◆
【Address】1-1 Otemachi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
【Access】10 minutes by bus from JR Aizuwakamatsu station
【Entrance fee】Adults – 410 yen
【Hours】8:30 am - 5 pm (last entry 4:30 pm)
【Parking】Available (free of charge)

【Official Website】Aizuwakamatsu Tourism Bureau|Tsuruga Castle, Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle, Oyakuen, Matsudaira Family Mausoleum|Beyond the reaches of time, the castle tower of the Edo Period is reborn

【Tripadvisor】Aizuwakamatsu Castle (Tsuruga Castle)

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