This video, titled "Flora Camping Site [Site C] Glamping" (フローラキャンプサイト【Cサイト】グランピング), was released by "Campism Channel."

It shows the Ojiro Campground Flora Campsite in Yamanashi Prefecture.
It's perfect for those who are curious about Japanese campsites and those who are interested in the outdoors.
It starts with the beautiful scenery of the campground and then covers the facilities at Site C.
It's only a minute long, so if you've got a minute to spare, consider checking it out.
It's especially helpful if you're trying to get an idea of places to camp in Japan.
You can check out the inside of the tents at 0:34.
If you like being surrounded by nature, we highly recommend Ojiro Campground Flora Campsite in Yamanashi Prefecture.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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A Video for Outdoors Enthusiasts! A Campground That Has Captured the Hearts of Many!
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