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This video, titled "A Rare Shrew Found Its Way Into a Garden! After a Few Snacks He's Back to the Bushes!" (庭にいたトガリネズミにメダカのエサをやりました), was released by "pxh01252."
This video captures a shrew in the wild!

The shrew is not a mouse, but a member of the mole family, and is said to be the smallest mammal in the world.
The shrew that lives in Hokkaido is listed as an endangered species on the Red List of the Ministry of the Environment.
They are small, at only about 2 cm in length (their tail is about 3 cm), and you can easily understand how small they are when compared to the clover in the video.
They look adorable as they eat, moving their narrow, pointy snout around like a cute character in a picture book.
There are many things about shrews that we don't know about, so take this chance to see what they're like!

A Rare Shrew in Someone's Garden! He Wasn't Feeling Well, but After Giving Him Some Killifish He Chowed Down and Made His Way Back To the Bushes... Take Care Mr. Shrew!
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