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The Silver Pavilion, or
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Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture: A Sacred Place for Japanese Buddhism, With 1200 Years of History! One of Japan's Foremost Power Spots Is a Legendary Place Filled With Temples and Historical Buildings!
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Kongobuji Temple - Located on Mt. Koya in Wakayama Prefecture, This Temple, A Sacred Place For Japanese Buddhism, Was Built by the Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai. Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of the Largest Rock Garden in Japan!
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This video, titled "Kozen-ji Temple (Kiso Valley) - Nagano - 興禅寺 - 4K Ultra HD" was produced by "TokyoStreetView - Japan The Beautiful."

The Kiso area of Nagano Prefecture is a popular tourist destination with plateaus full of nature.
Kozenji Temple, shown in the video, is an ancient temple with hundreds of years of history in Kiso.
The temple is said to have been founded by the Kiso clan and is home to the cemetery of the Kiso clan, including Kiso Yoshinaka (Minamoto no Yoshinaka), an important figure in Japanese history.

There are four beautiful gardens in the precincts of Kozenji.
Among them is Kanun-tei, a famous masterpiece by Mirei Shigemori, which has been designated as a National Monument.
Kiso-Fukushima is also home to the scenic Tsumago-juku.
It's a good idea to combine Kozenji Temple and Tsumago-juku with a trip to Nagano Prefecture!

Kozenji Temple, an Ancient Temple in the Scenic Kiso Area of Nagano Prefecture, Has a Garden Created by a Famous Gardener! Check Out the History of Kozenji, Its Gardens, and What to See in the Area!
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